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The Resident Evil 4 remake showing we got last week is still fresh in our minds; we got to go hands-on with the title and were spoiled afterwards with a second trailer, this time focusing on the story. And while RE4 on PS5 looks to remain faithful to the original in most things, one purported aspect has managed to get some fan's hackles up.

As detailed by IGN, in the original game, Leon was able to free an adorable furry friend who had become stuck in a bear trap. If you chose to free the animal (and what kind of monster wouldn't), the faithful canine would return to pay back the favour, helping out during a particularly tough boss encounter. However, things look like they might play out a little differently in the remake, as seen in the clip below:

The reason for the change is unknown; perhaps Capcom wishes to signal that they are, in fact, cursed cat-preferrers. Or, it could be some kind of misdirection, playing on players expectations. Regardless, an outpouring of grief for the poor perished pooch followed, and not a small amount of good-natured anger. Popular fan-pupper account Can You Pet the Dog perhaps encapsulated the mood best when they wrote, quite succinctly:

Why do you think the Resident Evil 4 remake chose to break with canon in this highly specific way? Is this signalling that we should gird our loins for an even darker departure than the original? Press F to pay respects in the comments section below, and hug your canine companion close, if you are blessed enough to have one.