Capcom has shared a new Resident Evil Village trailer that focuses on the upcoming Mercenaries update. The refresh will allow you to play as villains like Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg as well as Chris Redfield, with footage of all three found in the trailer above. Today also marks the beginning of pre-orders for the main DLC bundle on the PS Store, which also contains a third-person mode for the base game and the Shadows of Rose expansion. It costs £15.99/$19.99.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, we learn more about how Lady Dimitrescu will play in the Mercenaries mode. By attacking enemies and using her Lady's Lipstick item, you'll charge up a Thrill Gauge, which increases her damage output, movement speed, and nail damage as it fills up. When it's all the way to the top, Lady Dimitrescu can summon one of her daughters onto the field, who you fought in the base campaign.

As for Heisenberg, he uses his trademark hammer and telekinetic power to pull enemies toward him and slam them into the ground. Chris Redfield then carries over his boulder bashing abilities with a powerful punch which fills the Onslaught Gauge. Similar to Lady Dimitrescu, this boosts his attack damage, movement speed, and reload speed once charged all the way.

The final update Capcom had to share is a pre-order bonus for the Shadows of Rose DLC: a Street Wolf Outfit for Rose. It features an emblem of Chris Redfield's Houndwolf Squad on the back, with the expansion taking place 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village.