During today's Capcom Showcase 2022 livestream, we were treated to a precious few frames of new Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay. While it was really only a few seconds of unseen footage, with some tone-setting developer commentary running throughout, one element of the gameplay stood out in particular.

As spotted by IGN, right after the 1:44 mark, you can clearly see Leon aiming down the sights of his gun, and moving, at the same time.

Now, we understand that might not seem like a big deal to players more familiar with the Resident Evil remakes of recent years, but fans of the original Resident Evil 4 will know this is a pretty massive deal.

In the original, you had to come to a complete stop before pulling out your weapon and focusing down the sights, and you couldn't even strafe with a weapon out. It added a lot of tension to gameplay, as you had to pick the moment you would turn and fight with that in mind.

Obviously, the Resident Evil 4 Remake was going to make a lot of changes to the original, but this fundamental change to gameplay implies a deeper shakeup, in terms of gameplay philosophy and encounter design.

What do you think, do you support this concession to modern gameplay? Ponderously position yourself in the comments section below.

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