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  • Random The 25-Year-Old PS1 Demo Disc Cheat You Never Knew About

    Total WipEout

    Picture the scene: it’s January 1996 – an eye-rolling 25-years ago – and you’re gawking at the non-interactive WipEout demo included with the first copy of The Official PlayStation Magazine. The so-called “rolling demo” technically wasn’t playable – but what if we told you there actually was a way to commandeer those...











  • Review Final Fantasy IX (PSone)

    I want to be your canary

    Republished on Tuesday 19th September 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the game's remastered release on PlayStation 4. The original text follows. As far as Final Fantasy games go, Final Fantasy IX is one of the most cohesive, charming entries in Square Enix's beloved series. It marked the...


  • Review Tokyo Jungle (PlayStation 3)

    Primal rage

    Republished on Wednesday, 28th June 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of July 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. In an industry which is seemingly obsessed with burly soldiers packing massive machine guns and other associated heavy ordinance, it’s...

  • Review Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS4 / PS2)

    The last hope?

    You know you’re playing an older game when you’re forced to use the shoulder buttons to turn the camera. There’s no option to change it to the right analogue stick, either, presumably because that would have meant extra work. It’s a sure-fire sign that Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is just an emulated upscale of the...


  • Review Journey (PlayStation 3)

    The road less travelled

    Update (14th March, 2017): To celebrate the five year anniversary of Journey's release, we're bringing our original review back from the archives for one day only. A seminal moment in PlayStation history. Enjoy! Originally published (1st March, 2017): Journey is a seminal release; the kind of title that comes once in a...




  • News Watch Five Seconds of Every PSone Game Released in the US

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    How's this for a trip down memory lane? To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PlayStation – a celebration that we must stress seems to be lasting a decade – Game Rave TV has compiled five seconds of footage from every PSone game released at US retail. It's a gigantic hunk of a video weighing in at over two hours, so...

  • Review Summon Night 5 (PSP)

    Long time coming

    The Summon Night series has a bit of a niche following in the strategy role-playing game genre. To the surprise of many, it was announced that a localized version of Summon Night 5 would not only get to launch on the PlayStation Network, but would also nab a physical release here in the West. So, is it worth dusting off the ol'...

  • Feature A Brief History of Virtual Reality

    Alex Boz tours the '90s VR graveyard

    With the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR well and truly on the way to our living rooms, virtual reality (VR) is the biggest news in gaming right now. But let's rewind the clock some two and a half decades, back when Sony was working on the Nintendo Play Station and the inventor of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey,...


  • Review Yakuza 5 (PS3)

    Gangster's paradise

    Should the long awaited Yakuza 5 prove to be the PlayStation 3's swan song, there couldn't be a more fitting release. Like the last-gen system itself, the latest instalment in SEGA's seedy soap opera is occasionally convoluted and slow to get started, but it's deeply entertaining all the same. It may have taken series protagonist...


  • Review Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest (PS3)

    Girl fight

    Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest started life as an "adult game" for PC, before being cleaned up and ported to the PlayStation 3. You only need to look at a screenshot to see evidence of this, but beyond all of the fan service, is this a game worth playing? The premise is relatively simple: you control a nameless protagonist, who is...

  • Review Pandemonium! (PSone)

    A pair of 2.5Determined magical hoppers

    How could a developer solve a problem like a desire to build a side-scrolling platformer in a 1996 3D graphics obsessed world? The answer was to find a middle ground, which we affectionately refer to as 2.5D today. Published by Crystal Dynamics and created by Toys for Bob in Novato, California close to the...


  • Review GEX (PSone)

    GEX-sticulates yelling '90s pop culture quips

    A game can be an interesting representation of its generation without being beautiful, timeless, and artistically ageless. Released on the EU's PSone in April 1996, GEX was loud, brash, and in-your-face, but so were films like Point Break and ska-punk bands such as Assorted Jelly Beans during the 1990s...

  • Review Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (PS3)


    Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax has made the leap West. Released for the Vita and PlayStation 3 eleven months ago in Japan, the assist-based 2D fighter brings together characters from the Dengeki Bunko portfolio in a Sega-themed world to battle against a mysterious, evil force. Featuring 14 playable characters and 23 more cameo...

  • Review Mickey's Wild Adventure (PSone)

    Traveller's tenaciously timeless theatrical tales

    Every gaming generation has a few genre styles that are dominant, and in the early 1990s scrolling shmups, brawlers, and cutesy mascot platformers were the most prevalent titles on a game shop's shelves. Julian 'Jaz' Rignall was prophetic in his editorial for the February 1991 issue five of Mean...


  • Review WipEout (PSone)

    FEISARis, not Surfaris

    Republished on Tuesday, 29th September 2015: We're bringing this review back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary in Europe today. The original text follows. Originally published on Saturday, 12th October 2013: When the magazine reviews of WipEout landed a month after its September 1995 release,...

  • Feature The Making of the Sony PlayStation

    Investigating the birth of a legend

    Republished on Tuesday, 29th September 2015: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary in Europe today. The original text follows. Originally published on Thursday, 9th August 2012: It's almost impossible to conceive it now but prior to the 32-bit...


  • Review Gundam: Battle Assault 2 (PSone)

    Gundam fight!

    Not many Japanese developed games are released only in the West, but this was the case with Gundam: Battle Assault 2 – at least before it was re-released as two separate budget titles in its homeland. Much like its predecessor, Gundam: Battle Assault, the follow-up was launched in an attempt to capitalise on the franchise's overseas...

  • Review Gundam: Battle Assault (PSone)

    You need more practice

    If you were into Mobile Suit Gundam Wing back when it aired in the 1990s, then you may have heard of or even played Gundam: Battle Assault on the PSone. In an attempt to capitalise on the aforementioned anime's popularity, publisher Bandai decided to localise the 2D fighter, which was called Gundam: The Battle Master 2 in its...




  • Review Brandish: The Dark Revenant (PlayStation Portable)

    Resurrect an old friend

    Brandish: The Dark Revenant was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1991. Despite its rocky reception, it was eventually ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2009 in Japan. And, after six years, it's finally travelled overseas, with a full English localisation. The big question is: has it been worth the wait? The...


  • Review Cosmophony (PlayStation 3)

    Hell in a halfpipe

    Cosmophony is a rhythmic shooter for the PlayStation 3 which has you guiding a craft as it flies through a wire frame halfpipe packed full of geometric shapes. These are either obstacles to avoid or targets to blast and each of the five stages available are set to a thumping drum and bass soundtrack from French producer and DJ,...

  • Review Syberia (PlayStation 3)


    Originally released in 2002, Syberia is one of the most fondly remembered examples of the point and click adventure game genre. With a clever story, and equally ingenious puzzles, it remains as relevant today as the day that it was released. But while the title itself makes a strong case for the revival of this antiquated style of...

  • Review Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (PlayStation 3)

    It's dangerous to go alone

    WayForward has been toying with the Adventure Time property in games for a while now, and hasn’t quite managed to merge the show’s wacky personality with a compatible interactive experience up to this point. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom finally gets the pairing right, and while it’s not without...

  • Review BlazeRush (PlayStation 3)

    Blaze of glory

    Missiles and bullets flying past cars; monster trucks and flying saucers whizzing down tracks; collisions, crashes, and that all-important final lap overtake – this is BlazeRush, a brand new PlayStation 3 racer from Russian developer Targem Games. This drive-‘em-up offers a short story about underground racing and your...

  • Review MediEvil (PSone)

    Dan, Dan, you’re decomposing, man

    Republished on Thursday, 4th December 2014: We're bringing this review back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary this week. The original text follows. Originally published on Saturday, 19th October 2013: It can be a tough life being a PSone retro game. After all, you were fresh and...

  • Review Tomba! (PSone)

    The pig-eating caveboy gets a second chance

    Republished on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014: We're bringing this review back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary this week. The original text follows. Originally published on Monday, 12th November 2012: While many retro enthusiasts will grumble endlessly about how digital...

  • Review Crash Bandicoot (PSone)

    Marsupial madness

    At one time, Crash Bandicoot was the face of the PlayStation brand, but through licensing headaches and the creation of other characters, the spunky star hasn’t quite gone on to fill the role of Nintendo’s Mario or Microsoft’s Master Chief. However, the hero’s titular game remains a signature PlayStation classic that served...

  • Review Driver (PSone)

    Reflections in your rear-view mirror

    Before Driver rolled onto the PSone in 1999, developer Reflections Interactive had already delivered two enjoyable driving experiences, in the form of the Destruction Derby games on Sony’s first console. With a physics engine that delivered a fun drive, and destructible vehicles that had debris flying off their...

  • Review Digimon All-Star Rumble (PlayStation 3)

    Digivolve into average

    Back in the 90s when Pokémon and Digimon fought for the money of the young, the digital creatures managed to win over many would-be monster trainers thanks to a decent television series, but flash forward two decades, and Digimon has long since past its prime, while Nintendo's catch-'em-up continues to dominate the handheld...

  • Feature The Third Place - A Brief History of PlayStation Hardware Marketing

    Live in your world, play in ours

    Republished on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary this week. The original feature follows. Originally published on Saturday, 26th October 2013: With the PlayStation 4 now mere weeks away from release, Sony is starting to oil...

  • Review Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (PlayStation 3)

    Dancing queen

    The musical maven of the digital world returns with the release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd – the second coming of the leading lady and her motley crew in SEGA’s fast-paced, rhythm series. Featuring even more music created through the character’s very own virtual vocals suite, does this sequel hit a high – or a bum...

  • Review Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (PlayStation 3)

    Sora sensational

    Square Enix may not know how to do release dates, press conferences, or reasonable haircuts, but it's an expert at HD Collections. The firm's Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster was at least half a masterpiece, and the original Kingdom Hearts collection has become the only proper way to start the franchise. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX...


  • Review Blood of the Werewolf (PlayStation 3)

    The wolf among us

    Some people just don’t have any luck. As though transforming into a hairy, blood-thirsty bipedal wolf every month isn’t a tad inconvenient, then someone has to come and murder your husband, burn down your gothic home, and take your son. Thankfully, the only thing between you and him is a series of impractically designed...

  • Review Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (PlayStation 3)

    Military mishap

    Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops combines the best features and missions from its mobile counterparts, packaging the popular smartphone series’ first two titles together for PlayStation platforms. Does this port march onto Sony’s systems with success, though – or is it an overpriced clone doing the console rounds? The game definitely...

  • Review Assassin's Creed Rogue (PlayStation 3)

    A touch of frost

    You’d be forgiven for branding Assassin’s Creed Rogue an afterthought, as its next-gen brother, Assassin’s Creed Unity, overshadowed its release. Although appearing as a cash-in for those still waiting to upgrade their PlayStation 3s, though, this is actually a solid instalment in Ubisoft’s historical franchise, bringing...

  • Review Snark Busters: High Society (PlayStation 3)

    Who you gonna call?

    A game sporting a name like Snark Busters: High Society should be enough to perk the interest of pretty much anyone – you can’t help but let it spark question after question in your mind. What the hell’s a Snark, why does it need busting, and most importantly, will there be top hats? Should all of these questions push your...

  • Review Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (PlayStation 3)

    Pill popper

    Pac-Man is a classic video game character, recognised alongside other greats such as Mario, Sonic, and Donkey Kong. The origins of these heroes have all helped to shape the gaming world as we know it today – but how is Bandai Namco’s famous bubble biter remaining relevant in this day and age? Well, after sprouting arms and legs, the...

  • Review WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 3)

    Low blow

    If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s been hard to ignore 2K Sports’ constant bragging about just how revolutionary WWE 2K15 is going to be. However, while this certainly looks to be true with the PlayStation 4 version, the recycled gameplay and samey ideas present in the last-gen effort leave a lot to be desired. When booting up the game...

  • Review Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis (PlayStation 3)

    Heart breaker

    This writer’s reputation for revelling in mediocre games is well regarded around the Push Square office, and Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis is another one of those middling titles that’s ingratiated itself to this strange scribe. An updated version of last year’s Xbox 360 and PC release, this Indiana Jones-inspired romp...

  • Review Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PlayStation 3)

    You don’t know Jack

    The first two Borderlands games brought loot to first person shooters in a huge way, and in the process, proved to be massive hits with gamers. Now, with the arrival of Borderlands: The Pre Sequel, original developer Gearbox Software have taken a backseat, allowing 2K Australia to fire up the gun generator for another outing,...


  • Review Jet Car Stunts (PlayStation 3)

    Trials and error

    Jet Car Stunts’ arrival on the PlayStation 3 and Vita marks the popular mobile game’s first foray onto consoles. Historically, adapted smartphone titles end up feeling a little, well, off when they’re converted to consoles – but there are exceptions. The big question, then, is whether Grip Games has managed to make True...

  • Review F1 2014 (PlayStation 3)

    Stuck in the past

    One of the hardest things to achieve in a yearly franchise is a hook to keep people coming back. It’s true of not only sports games, but the sports themselves – after all, no one wants to invest time into something that stays the same every year. For Formula 1, the answer has been the biggest shake-up in a generation, with new...

  • Review Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star (PlayStation 3)

    Lost in Space

    In a world where songs can kill and chatting with semi-naked girls in bathtubs is part of a sacred ceremony, a religious war has split two factions in half. Propaganda and aggression have kept these two groups separate for long enough that neither realises one simple truth: that there are real people on both sides. Ar Nosurge: Ode to...

  • Review Slender: The Arrival (PlayStation 3)

    A walk in the woods

    The mythos of Slenderman shouldn’t be much of a mystery anymore. The abnormally tall creature with no discernible facial features and a rockin’ tuxedo has blown up in popularity these past couple of years. This is mostly due to popular web series Marble Hornets, but another thing that added to the creepy character’s...



  • Review The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 - No Going Back (PlayStation 3)

    The long and winding road

    Back in July, when Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Wolf Among Us wrapped up its first season, The Walking Dead was only at its halfway point – but the developer has raced to Season Two’s finale since then. As those of you that are familiar with the series will already know, this second set of episodes puts you...

  • Review Tales of Xillia 2 (PlayStation 3)

    Cat scratch Ludger

    Tales of Xillia 2 is the sequel to last year's successful Tales of Xillia on the PlayStation 3. Much like the previous game, it’s charming, wonderful, and rewarding all at the same time. The worlds of Rieze Maxia and Elympios return as well as most of the gameplay from the original, and being the 14th title in the Tales series,...

  • Review Risen 3: Titan Lords (PlayStation 3)

    Roll with it

    For any series to make it to a third entry is quite an achievement, especially when it’s a perennial underachiever like the Risen games. After leaning heavily into the more piratical aspects for its first sequel, developer Piranha Bytes has doubled down on this approach for Risen 3: Titan Lords, letting you once again sail the high...

  • Review Sacred 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Nothing is sacred

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, while not what you’d call a big success, still managed to garner quite a following among a certain set of gamers, even in spite of a few rough edges. Those that did end up sinking hour after hour into the action role playing game really appreciated its massive open world, extensive loot system, and huge...

  • Review El Chavo Kart (PlayStation 3)

    Chilli con carnage

    Many game developers have tried to enter the kart racing genre, but all with the exception of Crash Bandicoot have failed to score a podium place next to Super Mario. Efecto Studios is the latest outfit to have a pop with El Chavo Kart – a title based upon the apparently popular Mexican cartoon, El Chavo: The Animated Series. As...