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The imminent and eagerly anticipated remake of perhaps the most beloved survival horror game ever made, Capcom's Resident Evil 4, is almost upon us (launching 24th March). In the meantime, though, we did get a decidedly awesome demo for the game, which, as it turns out, actually has a super-secret Mad Chainsaw difficulty you can unlock with a code.

This difficulty mode increases enemy health and damage, boosts their aggression and mixes up their placement. In addition, Dr Salvador, the chainsaw wielder himself, will set his implement of bloody evisceration on fire.

The Mad Chainsaw difficulty would seemingly activate by chance for some players, but you can manually toggle it on, as well. As demonstrated by YouTuber Jigzaw_Killer, this can be done by highlighting the "Main Story" option on the title screen and inputting the following:

Hold L1 and R1, and press up, left, down, right, Square, Triangle, X, X.

Be careful out there, horror fans, Resident Evil 4 has broken street date in some retail stores, and so spoilers abound in the more disreputable corner of the internet. Can a remake of a game released in 2005 be spoiled? We'd rather not find out.

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