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Resident Evil 4 is finally here, and it's about as excellent a remake as we could have hoped for, with the sales figures to match. And while some of us still have to get around to beating the darn thing, it looks like dataminers have already unearthed references to DLC within the game's files.

Files pertaining to "The Another Order" have been uncovered, which is the Japanese name of Ada Wong-centric DLC Separate Ways. It follows that enigmatic femme fatale, showing us the events of the story from an entirely new perspective.

Of course, the announcement of DLC is still likely a little ways off, but if you are playing Resident Evil 4 currently, it's nice to know there is more content on the way for those that wish to partake. Plus, there is still The Mercenaries challenge mode coming in a free update to look forward to.

Are you looking forward to reuniting with Ada Wong in a potentially revamped Separate Ways DLC? Take no prisoners in the comments section below.

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