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  • Poll Which Persona Game Has the Best Opening?

    Now it's personal

    Atlus revealed the opening for Persona 3 Reload earlier this week, and it's so good that it got us wondering: which Persona game has the best title sequence? In case you don't know, each game in the series typically introduces itself with an animated opening, featuring a unique song and some gorgeous artwork. There's no doubt...



  • News Given a Chance, Dead Space 3 Producer 'Would Redo It Almost Completely'

    “We weren’t allowed to make a horror game from the beginning”

    Dead Space 3 is the black sheep of the storied survival horror franchise, mainly because it instead focused on being a cooperative third-person shooter. It was scary for mostly unintended reasons, but in a revealing interview, and with the context of the successful Dead Space remake...

  • Guide Best PS3 Games

    All the best PS3 games ranked and rated

    What are the best PS3 games? The PS3 proved to be Sony's awkward middle child, but when all is said and done, its tremendous recovery landed it in the hearts of PlayStation fans as much as its siblings. Launching on 17th November, 2006 in North America and on 23rd March, 2007 in Europe, it was an enormously...




  • Poll Who's the Best Final Fantasy Protagonist?

    There can only be one

    Now that we've all had time to settle into a reality where Final Fantasy 16 exists, this is our chance to revisit a question that's reverberated around the Final Fantasy fandom for decades: just who is the series' best protagonist? Now, for the sake of this poll, we're going to streamline things and focus on mainline Final...

  • News New Red Dead Redemption Logo Fuels More Remake Rumours

    Also a new RDR codename

    Suggestions a Red Dead Redemption remake or remaster is in the works from Rockstar are doing the rounds again as Internet sleuths have uncovered a new logo for the PS3 title recently uploaded to the developer's website. First spotted by Twitter user Tez2, a site update from earlier today included a new reference within the...

  • News Sony's Infamous E3 2006 Conference Now Viewable in Clear 1080p

    Giant Enemy Crab has never looked this good

    Few video game press conferences are remembered more for all the wrong reasons than Sony's 2006 E3 briefing. It set the tone for a PS3 generation that didn't really get going until the PS3 slim steadied the ship, and now you can watch the two-hour disaster in crystal clear 1080p quality. Uploaded by Danny...





  • News What Year Is It? There's a New PS3 Firmware Update Out Now

    Strong and stable

    The year may be 2023, but Sony’s just released a new firmware update for the PS3! No, that’s not a typing error: the Japanese giant has just updated its 17-year-old last-last-gen system. Don’t expect any major new features in version 4.90, though: this one is all about that all-important stability. “This system software...