Resident Evil Shadows of Rose PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Resident Evil Village’s anticipated Winters’ Expansion launches later this month, in time for Halloween. But while it’s packing a substantial selection of content – including a full-blown third-person mode, an entirely new campaign starring Ethan’s daughter Rose, and a handful of new Mercenaries missions – it’ll only include seven extra Trophies for you to unlock.

These seem pretty straightforward overall: you’ll need to complete the Shadows of Rose story on Hardcore difficulty, use the character’s mutamycete powers 20 times, and craft every type of item in the add-on. Then you’ll just need to beat a couple of the new Mercenaries maps, and you’ll have all the Trophies from the DLC.

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Given the scale of the content included here, we reckon Capcom could have gone a bit bigger with the additional Trophies, but it’s obviously not the end of the world and there’s enough here to keep you occupied. Will you be picking up the expansion when it launches later in the month, or have you had your fill of Village for now?