Having made a flurry of announcements during last night's State of Play livestream, Capcom has provided a deep dive into all the upcoming Resident Evil 4 content on the PlayStation Blog. The Ada Wong-focused DLC Separate Ways is the headliner, which brings back the optional campaign from the original game for $9.99. A free update for the Mercenaries mode arrives on the same day of 21st September 2023, and then the PSVR2 mode is still slated to launch this winter. All three expansions can be seen in action in the trailer above.

Here's an introduction to the Separate Ways DLC: "Before Leon S. Kennedy had even set foot in that cursed village, she was there. Her mission? The retrieval of the cult’s darkest secret — the Amber. Now Ada must deal with an unknown threat that is devouring her from within, an accomplice with a dark past and ulterior motives, and a chance reunion with the man she least expected — Leon S. Kennedy." Alongside protagonist Ada, returning characters from the campaign include Luis Serra and Albert Wesker.

Much of the original game's weapons will return for the expansion, but now they'll be joined by Ada's grappling gun. This will allow you to reach new areas, bring enemies to their knees, and perform a long-range melee attack.

As for the Mercenaries mode, a free update on 21st September 2023 will make Ada Wong and Albert Wesker playable characters. It's available to anyone who owns the game across PS5 and PS4.

Finally, the PSVR2 mode adapts the entire original campaign for VR; Separate Ways and Mercenaries mode won't be available. "Using the PlayStation VR2 headset, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the game’s elaborate stages. Discover details of the game that you may not have seen before in areas such as the dark forests, villages filled with the Ganado, and an ancient castle of awe-inspiring beauty. The 3D audio will further enhance your immersion in every area you visit in the game."

Having honed its craft on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village, the same development team is turning Resident Evil 4 into a more enhanced VR experience than what Capcom has produced before. Every weapon in the game has been adapted for PSVR2, including characteristics unique to weapon types like handguns and submachines guns, as well as the knives. Using a blade, you can swipe down to parry enemy attacks, break open boxes, and sneak up on foes for takedowns.

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