Update: As expected, Resident Evil 4’s hotly anticipated demo will be available to download for PS5 and PS4 from the PS Store today. Imaginatively named the Chainsaw Demo, it’ll focus on the iconic moment where protagonist Leon S. Kennedy arrives in a Spanish village, only to be attacked by Ganados – and a certain chainsaw wielding monstrosity!

You can download the demo through here, with the file size coming in at a whisker over 10GB in total.

Unlike previous Resident Evil demos, there’ll be no time limit on this, so you’ll be able to play as much as you want through until launch on 24th March. Will you be checking it out, or will you be saving yourself until the full game releases? Let us know in the comments section below.

Original Article: It seems the big shadow drop from today’s Capcom Spotlight has already leaked – although you probably didn’t need to be a psychic to predict it. Twitch ads, presumably running 24 hours early, confirmed that a Resident Evil 4 remake demo is “available now” on the PS5 and PS4. Obviously, it’s not out yet, so expect it after the aforementioned livestream, which is scheduled to get underway from around 2PM PT/10PM GMT.

We’ll bring you all the news as it breaks here on Push Square, and we’ll of course be hosting the Japanese publisher’s broadcast as well. Are you looking forward to a potential demo? Which section of the game are you hoping it includes? Knife down some Ganados in the comments section below.

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