Netflix is really dragging out the build-up for its new Resident Evil adaptation, but this is the best – and longest – look at the new show yet. We get to see Ella Balinska hulking out in future London, where she takes a chainsaw to the throat of the walking dead. As with past trailers, we also get a glimpse of New Raccoon City, where it appears the zombie apocalypse begins. “The T-Virus,” Lance Reddick reminds us, “makes monsters!”

Tonally it’s all over the place, but it appears to have its tongue somewhat planted in its cheek. That’s fine, because it’s not like the Resident Evil games take themselves particularly seriously either. We assume many are going to take issue with the plot deviating from Capcom’s classics – but the recent movie Welcome to Raccoon City was fairly faithful and also poorly received, so we’re not necessarily against this adopting a different direction.

The show’s out on 14th July.