State of Play

Sony directly hosted last night's Resident Evil Showcase on its YouTube channel, and it actually affected the livestream in more ways than one. Firstly, the show's 15-minute countdown timer was branded as if it were a State of Play event from the hardware manufacturer itself. The usual blue backgrounds, relaxing music, and PlayStation buttons could be seen arranging themselves into all sorts of shapes to make it seem like Sony was running the show instead of Capcom.

Another change took place during the livestream itself. Instead of a trailer that showed off Resident Evil Village on Mac, a fresh look at the game running on PSVR2 was revealed. While the spotlight lacked substantial information on the virtual reality port — instead treated more like a recap — senior director Kenjo Akiyama highlighted new features like a resolution boost, 3D audio, and a generally "more intuitive and realistic gaming experience" thanks to the PSVR2 Sense controllers. You can catch the bonus clip through this link.

As fans continue to wait for even a hint of a PlayStation Showcase, it's perhaps a little funny to see the State of Play branding suddenly crop up out of nowhere as Sony tries to make a livestream appear its own. Of course, the platform holder seemingly has a marketing deal in place for the Resident Evil franchise, so it's always going to try its best to associate the survival horror series with PS5, PS4 as much as possible.

Alongside the PSVR2 mode coming to Resident Evil Village next year, the showcase also focused on next week's DLC Shadows of Rose and the Resident Evil 4 remake, the latter of which we recently went Hands On with. Check out our first impressions through the link having played it.