Resident Evil 4 PS5 PS4 DLC Microtransactions 1
Image: Push Square

Resident Evil 4’s anticipated Mercenaries mode got added to the critically acclaimed third-person shooter today – and so did a bunch of microtransactions. Excluded from the original release – presumably to avoid negative articles like this one from emerging – the Weapon Exclusive Ticket Upgrades allow you to skip some of the game’s grind.

Here’s what the official product descriptions for these £2.49/$2.99 in-app purchases describe: “With this, you'll have access to a weapon's exclusive upgrade at any time, regardless of the weapon's level. Not only that, but once unlocked, the upgrade itself is free of charge!” While the tickets can be bought individually, you can also grab a bundle of five for £7.99/$9.99.

Resident Evil 4 PS5 PS4 DLC Microtransactions 2
Image: Push Square

Now it should be noted that you don’t actually need these, and everything can be unlocked in-game by completing side-quests for the Merchant – this is more of a fast-track thing. But unsurprisingly, social media is already awash with intense criticism of Capcom’s decision here. The biggest issue for us, to be honest, is how the microtransactions have been added a couple of weeks after the game’s release – sneaky, that.