Resident Evil 4 PS5 PSVR2

Capcom has announced the PSVR2 content planned for Resident Evil 4 will release after the game's launch, as it's only just started development. The series' official Japanese Twitter account pushed out a post explaining the VR mode will be released as a free DLC and more details will be shared soon. It's not known whether the entire title will be playable in PSVR2; the initial announcement only described it as "PSVR2 content".

Since what Capcom has to offer in the VR space has only just started development, we may not see what the developer has planned for Resident Evil 4 for some time. Between now and then, though, you could always replay Resident Evil Village in VR, with the patch enabling PSVR2 support live right about now. Coinciding with the release of Sony's new headset today, the full game can be played in virtual reality.

Resident Evil 4 launches for PS5, PS4 on 24th March 2023, but only the former console will receive the PSVR2 content now in production. Are you looking forward to seeing Leon in virtual reality? Admire his luscious locks up close and personal in the comments below.