Lily Gao Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong Actress 1
Image: Push Square

Following the release of Resident Evil 4 earlier this year, actress Lily Gao was forced to abandon her social media accounts, after receiving a barrage of unjustified and unconstructive abuse for her performance as Ada Wong. She’s since released a statement on her Instagram, hitting back at her critics.

“Being the first Asian actor to portray Ada in the Resident Evil video games is an honour, and I will forever be grateful to our producer and director, for making the decision on authentic representation,” she started. “It’s unfortunate that with the game’s release, also came the all too familiar feeling of ‘I don’t belong’.”

She continued: “While criticism is expected, it’s not the first time an actor of colour faces racist and sexist harassment, for simply participating. Inauthentic casting perpetuates an unhealthy image that further dehumanises the community they seek to reflect. It’s time we stop only capitalising on the sexualized, eroticised, and mysterious Asian woman, and make space to honour every kind of Asian woman.”

Gao added that her interpretation of Ada is a “survivor” and is “kind, just, intelligent, and funny”. She concluded: “She is unpredictable, resilient, and absolutely not a stereotype.”