Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code Veronica are what Capcom plans to bring back next as its remaking efforts continue, new reports claim. First reported by insider Dusk Golem, they claim the two remakes are "in development right now". Since their Twitter post yesterday, both IGN and VGC have come forward to corroborate the suggestion. "IGN can corroborate that Zero and Code Veronica are the next two Resident Evil remakes scheduled to release," the outlet said.

Following the events of Resident Evil 4 DLC Separate Ways, it was thought that a remake of Resident Evil 5 would be up next, but according to these new reports, Capcom will be going further back in its catalogue. Code Veronica is a game fans have been clamouring for a remake of ever since the first Resident Evil 2 remake was released on PS4, starring Claire Redfield on Rockfort Island, where she's been imprisoned after an assault on an Umbrella facility.

Resident Evil Zero, meanwhile, first launched for Nintendo Gamecube in 2002 and reveals what happens aboard a train before the events of the original Resident Evil. Rebecca Chambers and escaped prisoner Billy Coen feature as playable characters. Since both titles feature fixed camera angles, it'll be interesting to see whether the remakes retain that perspective or give them the same treatment as the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes with a third-person camera.

There's no mention of when either remake might come out, but as part of their original post, Dusk Golem suggests Resident Evil 9 is actually targeting a "late 2025" or 2026 release window. Just three weeks ago, they said the mainline instalment would be out early next year.

Are you happy to hear Code Veronica and Zero might be the next Resident Evil remakes in the works? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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