Resident Evil Village PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Accessibility is a big deal, and it’s great to see more publishers take it seriously. Capcom should be commended for plotting a free accessibility update for Resident Evil Village, then, which will launch alongside the upcoming Winters’ Expansion and Gold Edition re-release. To be clear, even if you don’t buy the add-on or new version, you’ll be eligible to download this update for your existing game with a patch.

The new options are as follows:

  • Subtitle size, colour, and background toggles
  • Speaker name display in story mode
  • Closed captions
  • Permanent reticule

Obviously we’re seeing games like The Last of Us: Part I go even further with their accessibility options, down to details like narration of what’s happening on screen. The main thing is that more publishers are paying attention, and if these additions help even one more person enjoy the game, then it’ll be worthwhile.