Resident Evil Village PS5 PSVR2 VR Mode Add On Capcom DLC
Image: Push Square

Resident Evil Village was updated this week to add PSVR2 support – you’ll even see a little headset icon next to the game’s name – but you will have to jump through some extra hoops to play. Unlike the unbelievable Gran Turismo 7, which will work automatically with Sony’s next-gen headset once updated, Capcom’s survival horror requires a separate download.

Don’t worry, though – it’s free. If you head to the game’s DLC section, you’ll spot a 783MB download for the PSVR2 mode, which you’ll need to ensure is installed before immersing yourself in the release’s world. One caveat is that you can’t pick up an existing save; you need to start a new campaign in virtual reality, which is a little bit of a shame.

Nevertheless, the experience is seriously impressive based on our first impressions, and it’s wild to see these full-length PS5 games adding flawless virtual reality modes. Will you be tiptoeing your way through Village on PSVR2 launch day, or are you a bit of a scaredy-cat? Try not to jump in the comments section below.