We already knew Resident Evil 4 was getting PSVR2 support in the future, but we didn’t know the extent of it. However, a trailer during today’s PS Showcase has confirmed that, just like with Resident Evil Village, the entirety of the Capcom remake will be playable in virtual reality – and, yes, it’ll be another completely free DLC.

Capcom’s Edvin Edso explained: “Because the game takes place in VR, the perspective changes from third person to a fully immersive first-person view. From Leon’s point of view, you can really take in the details and atmosphere of the environment.” Obviously, this perspective shift also transforms the gameplay, as you’ll be tackling Ganados head-on.

All of the gameplay and weapons have been tailored to the PSVR2 Sense Controllers, and we suspect mechanically there’ll be a lot of crossover with Resident Evil Village. Of course, it’s genuinely exciting to see another classic Capcom campaign being ported to PSVR2 in its entirety – at this point, we can probably say the Japanese publisher is supporting the headset better than Sony!

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