Resident Evil Netflix TV Show

Netflix won't be renewing its TV adaptation of Resident Evil for a second season, the streaming company has confirmed via Deadline. As the site reports, this doesn't come as too much of a surprise since viewership stats were disappointing across its first three weeks on the service. Released in close proximity to the new series of Stranger Things, 72.7 million hours were spent watching Resident Evil.

Netflix says it'll try to work with the cast again in the future, which included Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker and Ella Balinska playing the role of Jade Wesker.

In our Resident Evil TV Show review, we praised it for leaning into the absurd nature of it all, complete with "goofy, cartoon horror" which it leans heavily into. "There’s fun to be had from the sheer stupidity of it all, though, and even if many of the plot devices have been done to death – shady pharmaceutical firm! Unhinged CEO! Dumbass teenage decision making! – it passes Netflix’s binge-worthy test. For that alone, we think the show’s a success."

This is where the fun ends, though. Resident Evil on Netflix will simply be a one-season show. Would you like to have seen more from this alternate timeline? Let us know in the comments below.