Resident Evil: Death Island is a CGI flick from Sony Pictures Entertainment out 25th July, and the latest trailer contains the kind of outrageous action and melodrama that made the series a cult hit in the first place.

Bringing together Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers, this is the Resident Evil Avengers-esque team-up you've been begging for, and it doesn't look terrible, honestly.

Something about killer whales and the T-Virus leads the whole gang to the infamous prison island of Alcatraz in San Fransisco's bay, where a fresh hell awaits. There, in glorious slow motion and with increasingly heavy ordinance, the Dream Team will apparently lay waste to zombies, Lickers, mutant orcas, and anything else dumb enough or ugly enough to stand in their way.

What do you think of Resident Evil: Death Island? Will you be checking it out? En masse, dive into the comments section below, guns blazing.