Resident Evil 4 Remake Sales

To the surprise of absolutely no one, it looks like Capcom has yet another hit on its hands. As reported earlier in the week, the Japanese publisher is sitting extremely pretty right now, with its stock value soaring and its games continuing to sell well over long periods.

Released just two weeks ago today, Resident Evil 4 (the remake, just to be clear) has surpassed 4 million sales worldwide, adding yet another win to Capcom's long list of recent success stories. The revival was always going to be a blockbuster as long as the developer got it right, and that's clearly been the case. Capcom notes in its press release: "Positive reception among game players drives healthy sales growth." In other words, good game sells good.

Resident Evil 4 is already packed with content thanks to its implementation of New Game Plus and all of its little secrets, but with the release of a dedicated Mercenaries mode as free DLC today, Capcom hopes to keep players engaged for a while.

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