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Resi fans have been a little worried about the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4. While the length of the game is about the same as the original, some are concerned it'll cut out some content, possibly even whole sections, as seen in 2020's Resident Evil 3. However, with recent comments from the developer, it seems all the major beats of the much-loved horror title are intact — including The Island.

In the latest issue of EDGE magazine, members of the development team explained the approach to producing the remake. Apparently, the studio was divided into three teams, each responsible for one of the main segments of Resi 4 — The Village, The Castle, and The Island. They were then all brought together and fine tuned to make the game cohesive.

The Island is a somewhat divisive section of the game, with some criticising its change in pace and tone, and a heavier emphasis on shooter sequences. Whether you like it or not, we'll be making a return visit to this infamous place. What's more, it sounds like it'll be bigger, with the devs saying it has "a lot more to it" this time. No further details were shared.

Exactly how The Island will be handled is yet to be seen, but it's at least reassuring to know the remake won't be cutting any major corners. Are you excited to revisit Resident Evil 4 on 24th March 2023? Tell us in the comments section below.

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