Resident Evil 4 Remake Spoilers PS5 PlayStation 5 Retail Street Date
Image: Push Square

Can you spoil a game that first released in 2005? Well, in this specific instance, yes. We may all be very familiar with the beats of Capcom’s iconic third-person shooter Resident Evil 4, but the Japanese publisher is shaking things up for its impending PS5 remake. The problem, then? Retailers have broken the street date two weeks before the survival horror’s intended release date.

This means copies are out in the wild, and spoilers are everywhere. We’ll refrain from sharing any specific details, but it expands to character designs, encounters, and much, much more. Basically, if you were hoping to go into the game blind later this month, you may want to tread more carefully than Leon S. Kennedy in a strange Spanish village the next time you hit up social media.

It’s a shame to see this happen, but it’s not exactly an uncommon occurrence, is it? We’ve seen numerous high-profile releases leak prior to launch of late. We’ll make sure you’re safe here on Push Square, of course, but you’ve been warned: the game is being blown wide open already, and it’s only going to get worse from here.