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  • Feature 20 Promising PS4 Games Still to Come in 2016

    Second half dramatics

    We can hardly believe that we're more than halfway through 2016 already, but at least this year has offered up some good gaming times so far. The likes of Dark Souls III and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End immediately spring to mind, but the latter half of 2016 also promises an abundance of great looking titles, so we've decided to...

  • Poll Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky on PS4?

    Or has the wait killed the hype?

    At the time of writing, the date is the 24th June 2016. If it hadn't recently been delayed into August, No Man's Sky would have released today on PlayStation 4 here in Europe, and it would have launched three days ago in North America. Yep, in an alternate universe where developer Hello Games thought "you know what?...

  • Feature Did You Predict E3 2016? Push Square's Community Quiz Results Are In

    Did you beat E3?

    Well, here we are. After all of the hype, E3 2016 is coming to a close - and you know what that means. Before the event kicked off, we asked you lot to take part in our annual Push Square E3 community predictions quiz, and around 200 of you took part. You had 20 yes or no questions to answer, but how many did you get right? Let's...

  • Poll What Was Your Favourite PS4 Game at E3 2016?

    Decisions, decisions

    We consider the opinion of you, the readers, just as important as our own here at Push Square Towers, which is why we like to amplify your comments, engage with you in the forums, and – of course – let you pick our E3 2016 Game of the Show. As has been the case for a few years now, we're letting you select your favourite,...

  • Poll Take the Push Square E3 2016 Community Predictions Quiz

    Can you beat E3?

    Hello dear readers, and welcome to Push Square's second annual E3 Community Quiz. Those of you who were with us last year will know how this works, but for everyone else, here's a very quick recap: we're going to supply you with 20 yes or no questions, all of which will be based upon the potential events of E3 2016. You're going to...


  • Poll Are You Enjoying Overwatch on PS4?

    And who's your favourite character?

    Overwatch made a big, big splash earlier this week when it launched on PlayStation 4. The team based shooter from developer-that-can-do-no-wrong Blizzard has already captured the hearts of many a Push Square scribe, but how do you feel about it? Has its accessibility got you addicted? Have you had your Play of the...

  • Poll Which Uncharted Game Is the Best?


    We bet that some of you saw this one coming. Naughty Dog's hardly put a foot wrong with Nathan Drake, the luckiest man alive and protagonist of the Uncharted series. Although Uncharted: Drake's Fortune didn't quite set the world alight when it launched back in 2007, we're not sure that anyone could have anticipated the runaway success of...

  • Poll Are You Enjoying Uncharted 4 on PS4?

    A worthy end?

    We assume that many of you will have sunk a decent amount of time into Uncharted 4: A Thief's End by now - and we bet that some of you will have finished it - but we just have to ask: are you enjoying it as much as we did? If you didn't get a chance to read Sammy's 10/10 review earlier this week, you can click through here and see why...


  • Poll Do You Want More Family Friendly Platformers on PS4?


    Grab your Groovitrons because Ratchet & Clank is a critical and commercial hit – just try not to mention the movie while you move your feet to the beat. The game – with its strong consumer reception and compelling price point – topped the UK sales charts this week, significantly outpacing Play

  • Poll So, Which Souls Game Is the Best?

    Blood, ash, and eternity

    Right, it's time to settle this once and for all. Maybe. Dark Souls III has been out for about a week now on PlayStation 4 - at least here in the West - so we're going to assume that many of you have put a decent amount of time into this supposed final entry. With that in mind, we want you to tell us what your favourite...

  • Poll Would You Like to See Final Fantasy IX Come to PS4?

    Tantalising Tantalus

    Arguably one of the best Final Fantasy titles ever released, Final Fantasy IX is now available on PC via Steam, and we're mature enough to admit that we're seething with jealousy. As such, we thought that we'd put our bitterness to good use and somehow transform the non-PlayStation news into this hastily scrawled article. Always...

  • Poll Are You Happy with the PS4's Current Firmware?

    Or does it need a bit of tweaking?

    For what it's worth, we reckon that the PlayStation 4 is in a decent position right now. Recently released firmware update v3.50 brought some nice functionality to Sony's home console, including the ability to appear offline, optional friend notifications, and remote play support for PC and Mac. Regardless of how...

  • Poll Will You Be Buying Final Fantasy XV?

    Let's go on a road trip

    Now that Final Fantasy XV finally has a release date and Square Enix has shared its plans for the game, we have to ask: will you be buying it this September? Despite being in production for ten years, the hype's always remained high for Noctis' upcoming adventure, but with director Hajime Tabata stating that the title has to...


  • Poll Are You Still Playing The Division on PS4?

    Has Ubisoft's latest done enough?

    Tom Clancy's The Division has been a success commercially - there's no doubt about that - but now that the game's been out for a few weeks, we thought that it might be interesting to see what you lot think of it. Indeed, if we cast our minds back to the heady days of Destiny and its highly anticipated launch, just...

  • Poll Would You Sell Back Your Digital PS4 Games for PSN Credit?

    Trade and untested

    There's a Microsoft survey doing the rounds that proposes the idea of "selling back" digital games for store credit. In the questionnaire, it hypothesises a potential scenario where you could essentially relinquish rights to any of the non-physical games stored on your hard drive in return for 10 per cent of the purchase price...

  • Poll How Much Will PlayStation VR Cost?

    Predict the financial damage

    Yes, we're recycling an old topic – but it does feel like the right moment to revisit the PlayStation VR pricing saga. Sony's announced that it will be holding a press event during the Game Developers Conference next week, and it's likely to contain pricing and release date details on its wow-inducing wearable...

  • Poll Are You Happy with PS4 Firmware Update 3.50?

    Yay or nay?

    Sony detailed PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50 this week, revealing its codename – Musashi, for those curious – and the list of features that it will introduce. Chief among them is the ability to turn on friend notifications and appear offline – but it also includes improved party functionality, better event scheduling, support...


  • Feature Happy 4th Birthday, PlayStation Vita

    Yes, it's still here

    Four years ago today, on the 22nd February 2012, Sony bestowed upon the Western world its newest handheld gaming system: the PlayStation Vita. Originally marketed as something of a home console in the palm of your hands, it's safe to say that the sleek little machine hasn't quite lived up to its potential - but for once, we're...

  • Poll Which PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie Will You Be Voting to Play?

    Make your mind up time

    Vote to Play, the PlayStation Plus initiative which sees you selecting one of your Instant Game Collection freebies, is making a comeback next week. Starting from 9th February, you'll have the opportunity to pick one of March's free PlayStation 4 games, with Action Henk, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce all up for grabs.




  • Poll How Well Is Fallout 4 Running on Your PS4?

    We hope it's rad

    It's been about a week since Fallout 4 launched, so we think that it's a pretty good time to get some feedback on how Bethesda's latest is performing. As you're no doubt aware, the developer doesn't have the best track record when it comes to making games that run as they should - but from what we've watched and read around the...

  • Poll What Was Your Fave PS4 Game of Paris Games Week 2015?

    Make up your mind time

    Paris Games Week 2015 has been a bit of a weird one, hasn't it? Don't get us wrong, the press conference was rock solid in terms of content, but we're used to the likes of E3 and Gamescom bringing additional news throughout the course of the week. This time out, though, the media briefing was the highlight, with only NieR Aut



  • Poll Do You Actually Use the PS4's Social Features?

    Share the love

    Since the PlayStation 4's launch, Sony's clearly been trying its best to turn the new-gen console into a social hub, allowing you to interact with other users in numerous different ways. With firmware update v3.00 just around the corner, these features are being expanded upon even further, with additions like creating your own...

  • Poll Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken King?

    Is the cryptarch calling?

    Destiny: The Taken King is out and fans of Bungie's shooter have probably spent their last weekend grinding themselves into dust. If internet reactions are anything to go by, then the game's third and biggest expansion has been met with a reasonably positive reception. Veteran players seem to like the changes, and lapsed...

  • Poll Which Destiny Ghost Voice Is the Best?

    Dinklage or North?

    Any fan of Destiny will know that the game's most recent 2.0 update replaced the original voice of your robotic companion - your Ghost - with an all-new actor. Previously, it was Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage who provided your Ghost with its monotone commentary, but now, video game voice actor Nolan North has been drafted to...




  • Poll Which Batman: Arkham Game Is the Best?

    Step from the shadows

    That's right, we're going to ask that question - a question that has divided the gaming community ever since Batman: Arkham City launched all the way back in 2011. Which Batman: Arkham game is the best? It's safe to say that Batman: Arkham Asylum exceeded all expectations when it released in 2009, and the aforementioned sequel...

  • Poll What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game of E3 2015?

    Playing favourites

    Wow, what an incredible E3 it's been. Many of the announcements at this year's sun drenched convention outstripped our wildest imaginations, and while the remainder of this year's lineup has been set in stone for some time, there's an enormous amount to look forward to over the coming years – including Shenmue III and Final...

  • Poll Which PS4 Exclusives Has E3 2015 Convinced You to Buy?

    What are you buying?

    This ain't Game of the Show yet folks – though that's coming, don't worry. This is more: we've got a nifty new tool here at Push Square Towers so let's find an excuse to use it. Sony had lots of PlayStation 4 exclusives on display this week, so we figured that we may as well poll you on which ones you're planning to buy –...

  • Poll Take the Push Square E3 2015 Community Predictions Quiz

    Can you beat E3?

    With E3 hype now flowing through our veins and kicking our minds into overdrive, we thought that it might be nice to invite you lot, the Push Square community, to join in on the fun. The bottom line is that everyone likes to predict what'll happen at the biggest gaming event of the year, so we've put together twenty yes or no...


  • Poll What Do You Think of the New PSN Logo?

    Iconic pop

    Those darned PlayStation Network outage articles have clearly left Sony scarred, as it's done away with the service's old logo. For the past ten or so years, it's employed the purple sphere symbol, but today's batch of firmware updates rendered the icon obsolete. You'll now find a much more contemporary circle on your PlayStation 4,...


  • Poll What Will You Be Spending Your 10 Per Cent PSN Discount On?

    Decisions, decisions

    When you really stop and think about it, Sony's "apology" for the PlayStation Network outage over Christmas is a bit of a marketing masterstroke. While the company gets to look like it's doing right by its consumers, we'd be shocked if it didn't see an enormous spike in sales when the offer goes into effect from 09:00AM local...

  • Poll Is It Now Time for Sony to Consider a $349.99 PS4 Price Promotion?

    Talking in circles

    Stop us if you've heard this one before. Yes, we're back with another familiar article involving PlayStation 4 price points, console sales, and the exact kind of story that's seemingly become our lifeblood over the past few months. Before you dive into the comments to tell us to fix our broken record, though, hear us out: we're at...

  • Poll What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game of 2014?

    We need you

    We've milked our Game of the Year coverage harder than a Cravendale cow, but the sugary sweet conclusion is now in sight. With our PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita favourites wrapped up in text and video form, we're now pointing a figurative finger in your direction in order to ascertain your 2014 picks. Game of the Year is always...



  • Poll Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?

    Channel changer

    It’s hard to shake the feeling that the PlayStation TV is little more than a fleeting distraction for Sony in Europe and North America. When the platform holder truly puts its weight behind a product, they have a tendency to fly – but so many of the firm’s smaller hardware launches have been treated with discontent. The...

  • Poll What Are Your First Impressions of Destiny on PS4?

    This article came from the moon

    Here at Push Square Towers, we love to fling words in your direction – after all, that penchant for chit-chat is what keeps us in a job. Unlike some sites, however, we enjoy having a direct conversation with you, the readers – and you’ll always be quick to let us know when you agree, disagree, or when we’ve...






  • Poll How Would You Rate the PS4’s Present and Future Prospects?

    Worth the wait

    It’s a relief to be able to write about the PlayStation 4 from a global perspective at last. While the unfortunate folks in Japan and some smaller territories around the world are still waiting for greatness to arrive, there’s a sizeable chance that the system is now available in the region that you’re reading this from. That...

  • Poll How Would You Rate Your First Weekend with the PS4?

    Snap judgement

    There’s always a sense of deflation when you anticipate a moment for so long that it passes in the blink of an eye. We’ve spent the past nine months or so building up to the PlayStation 4’s launch, and now it’s already gone in North America. While there’s still the excitement of the European release to come, we hope that the...

  • Poll How Many PS3 Games Do You Hope to Finish Before Fully Focusing on PS4?

    Old but gold

    Sony may be days away from ushering in a new generation, but the PlayStation 3 is not going to disappear overnight. The platform holder revealed that its existing system surpassed 80 million sales globally this week, and we’re sure that it intend

  • Poll What Are Your Plans for the PS4's Launch?

    Prepare yourself

    Good things come to those that wait – and we reckon that we’ve been especially patient this year. It seems like a century ago when Sony teased its PlayStation Meeting press conference at the tail-end of January, but with several months of drama between now and then – alongside thousands of news articles, features, and previews...