Mass Effect Legendary Edition Squad

With the release schedule slowing down a bit for the time being (don't worry, it gets a lot busier in June), we wanted to go with a fun Friday poll this week. In case you somehow didn't know, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out right now, and we're thoroughly enjoying Commander Shepard's quest to stop the Reapers all over again. We're definitely not the only ones, either.

And so it seems like a good time to ask: who's your favourite Mass Effect squadmate? Shepard teams up with all kinds of people to get the job done throughout all three games in the original trilogy. From hard-talking humans to articulate and, er, attractive aliens, the Mass Effect series has some amazing characters.

Choosing just one of them as your favourite certainly isn't easy — but that's what we're asking you to do. So vote in our polls, and then try to explain yourself in the comments section below.

(Character render credit: Audemus77 on Reddit)

Who's your favourite Mass Effect squadmate?
Which Mass Effect Legendary Edition game has your favourite overall squad?