What Free PS4 Games Are You Most Excited to Play? Poll 1

Earlier this week, Sony announced it will be heavily bolstering its Play At Home initiative offering by serving up another 10 free PlayStation 4 games for everyone to play. The vast majority will be available to download starting 25th March 2021 while one more follows in a month's time. The list of free titles spans quite a few different genres and types of experiences, so we figured it would be a good idea to poll users on what games they're looking forward to trying out most. Maybe you're interested in finally checking out puzzling masterpiece The Witness, or fantastic survival title Subnautica? And what about PlayStation VR titles Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission?

So, simple question this weekend: what free PS4 games are you most excited to play? Make your picks in the poll below and expand on your selections in the comments below.

What free PS4 games are you most excited to play? (Pick up to three games)

(You can select up to 3 answers)