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  • News Konami Can't Explain Unexpected PS Plus PES 2019 Swap

    Sony subbed in Detroit: Become Human at the last minute

    July's PlayStation Plus lineup was originally planned to consist of Horizon Chase Turbo and PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer. However, while the former stuck around, Konami's football sim was changed at the very last minute, in favour of Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human. There's been no real...

  • News Europa League Giants Manchester United Sign with PES 2020

    Man Red are dead

    There’s poetry to Manchester United becoming one of eFootball PES 2020’s flagship teams. On the one hand, Konami will be delighted to swap Manchester Red with an officially licensed edition of the Premier League club, but as the Old Trafford team’s fortunes dwindle, perhaps there’s some justice to it being featured heavily...






  • News Hideo Kojima's Infamous PT Has Been Remade in Unreal Engine

    Don't look in the basin

    Before the inevitable Dreams remake emerges, here’s P.T. recreated in Unreal Engine 4 – because someone was always going to make it, right? This is an attempt at a total replica, considering Konami was so kind as to remove the original from the PlayStation Store. It features virtual reality support if you re





  • Hands On PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer Stands Firm(ino)

    On Klopp of the world

    The PES 2019 demo is finally here, and encouragingly it actually has a player wearing the correct shirt on the cover; Konami must have learned its lesson after last year’s Neymar debacle. Still, seeing as Liverpool are an official partner of the game and all, it would be nice to see Andy Robertson’s lovely mug adorning the...

  • Guide Best Metal Gear Solid Games Ranked

    Solid, Snake

    Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, and so it’s a good job that it’s synonymous with PlayStation. With every single mainline release putting in an appearance on a Sony system, it’s hard not to associate the famous Solid Snake with the family of consoles, despite only one entry remaining an...


  • News PES 2019 Adds Eight More Fully Licensed Leagues to Its Roster

    And a demo on 8th August

    Konami may have lost out to rivals EA for the rights to UEFA’s Europa League and Champions League competitions this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s closing the trophy cabinet and letting FIFA run off with the goods without a fight.  Since news broke that PES 2019 would be the first series entry in a decade not...


  • 17


    Review Super Bomberman R

    Bombs away

    With over 30 entries in the Bomberman series, you’d be excused for thinking the formula would be getting stale and running out of ideas. However, Super Bomberman R proves that there are still a few tricks up those bomb-filled sleeves. Recent years have seen a plethora of spin-offs released, but this year’s entry is a return to the...

  • Feature Revisiting the Worst E3 Press Conference of All Time

    Konami 2010, 8 years later

    The year is 2010, and publishers are starting to spend more and more money on E3. In particular, companies like Sony and Microsoft are embracing E3 as means of generating hype and excitement for upcoming hardware and software. A global stage where dreams are made and fanboy tears are shed. And then, there's Konami. At...



  • News Pro Evolution Soccer Loses UEFA Champions League

    Rest in peace

    Pro Evolution Soccer has been a tough sell for some time now, but UEFA may have just knocked the final nail in the once-popular series’ coffin. According to a post on the organisation’s website, this year’s Champions League final in Kiev will mark the end of a 10 year partnership between Konami and the competition, meaning that...





  • News Metal Gear Survive's Single Player Campaign Looks... Good?

    Beta coming in January

    Metal Gear Survive, the co-op twist on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s gameplay, has a single player campaign. And here’s the crazy part: it actually looks pretty good. So essentially you’re tasked with completing missions in a sandbox-esque area. Beating quests enables you to recruit people to your home base, and...


  • PGW 2017 Metal Gear Solid V Sneaks a PS4 Pro Patch, Out Now

    Bigger Boss

    A welcome little surprise that was wheeled out just before Sony's Paris Games Week 2017 press conference yesterday, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be getting PS4 Pro patch. The game's about two years old now, but it was part of this month's (October's) PlayStation Plus lineup, so it's probably...

  • News Metal Gear Survive Is an Online-Only Game

    Keep digging that hole

    Coming off the back of its release date announcement, it turns out that Metal Gear Survive is an online-only game. The information comes from the title's official website, which states: "An internet connection is required to play the game." Just when you thought that hole couldn't get any deeper, eh? Next they'll be...

  • News Metal Gear Survive Scavenges an Early 2018 Release Date on PS4

    Still surviving

    Following on from Konami's announcement of an announcement yesterday, the publisher has announced that Metal Gear Survive will launch early next year on PlayStation 4. In North America, it hits on the 20th February, while in Europe, it releases on the 22nd February. It'll retail for the slightly lower price of $39.99/£34.99. We...

  • News Metal Gear Survive Lives On, Konami Teases Announcement for Tomorrow

    Get your pointy sticks out

    Yep, Metal Gear Survive still exists. It's been a while since we last heard about the incredibly divisive Metal Gear spin-off, and to be brutally honest, we're sure many series fans would have been more than happy to keep it that way. Alas, Konami is teasing an announcement for tomorrow, the 25th October. A tweet from the...





  • News PES 2018 Plays a Long Ball to PS4, PS3 on 14th September

    Konami wants to Pique your attention

    There’s no Messi-ng around from Konami this year: PES 2018 has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with a 14th September release date in Europe. Despite the publisher promising the Real deal, it’s Barcelona who will grace the cover of this year’s release – like, pretty much the...






  • News Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Ex Emerges on Amazon

    We need intel

    What do we have here then, Boss? Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Ex has popped up on Amazon.co.uk, which, we assume, is some sort of Game of the Year edition. There's no information to be gleaned from the listing whatsoever, other than it's a product from Konami. So, what would a definitive edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom...








  • News PES 2016 Scores a Free-to-Play Version on PS4, PS3

    Hits the back of the net next month

    Just a day after announcing that the long-awaited Data Pack #2 would be hitting PES 2016 on the 3rd December, Konami, to much surprise, has also revealed that a free-to-play version of the football sim will release a week later. This free version will contain seven teams to use in exhibition mode, as well as...

  • News PES 2016 Finally Gets Its Roster Update Next Month

    Booked for time-wasting

    Back when we reviewed PES 2016 in September, we said that it was an excellent football game - its only real weaknesses being its unlicensed teams and the fact that its roster was based on last season's squads. For example, that money-grabbing Sterling was still disgracing Liverpool's teamsheet. A roster update, titled Data...

  • News Ever Wonder Why the Classic Metal Gear Solid Theme Isn't in the Phantom Pain?

    Name that tune

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a phenomenal game – which is just as well, as it could end up being the final entry in the series to benefit from the input of creator Hideo Kojima, who seems to be parting ways with Konami at the end of the year. However, as amazing as the game undoubtedly is, it is missing a vital...



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