What Was the Best PS4 First-Party Exclusive of the Generation? Poll 1

The PlayStation 4 generation is effectively over and done with. As highlighted in our recent feature questioning whether the console is worth purchasing this year (Is It Worth Buying a PS4 in 2021?), many games are still slated for Sony's last-gen system, but the industry has turned its attention to the all-new PlayStation 5. The same can be said of the Japanese giant's first-party studios, who are currently beavering away on projects primed to take advantage of the latest gaming technology. Yes, some of them will also launch on PS4, but they will look and play best on PS5.

As such, we want to give the PS4 generation its due by asking the Push Square community what the best first-party exclusive game was. Given the sheer amount of titles only found on PS4, we've decided to limit this poll to games only published by Sony itself. That means the likes of Persona 5 Royal and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim won't appear. Sorry! We are using Sony's official list of PS4 Exclusives for this. The poll will be open until Monday 11th January 2021, at which point we shall reveal the results in a new feature on the site.

What was the best PS4 First-Party Exclusive of the generation? (Vote for 1 game)