We’ve tackled this topic on numerous occasions before, but the PS5’s price announcement must be nearing and so it’s always worth revisiting things and getting a feel for where people’s preferences lie. So in the wake of the Xbox Series S reveal today: how much are you willing to pay for the PlayStation 5?

The conversation is complicated somewhat by the existence of the PS5 without a disc drive, so we’re going to run two separate polls for each platform. It may be that you prefer to buy physically and thus would never even consider a PS5 Digital Edition; alternatively, you may be willing to pay a premium in order to slot Blu-rays into your system.

It’ll be interesting to compare these results to whatever Sony eventually announces. We’ve been waiting all year to learn more about the PS5’s price, PS5’s release date, and when PS5 pre-orders will go live. We simply can’t be far off at this point, but the Japanese giant has left us hanging for most of 2020, so you never know.

How much would you pay for PS5?
How much would you pay for PS5 Digital Edition?