DualSense Controller Drift PS5 PlayStation 5

While we're huge fans of PlayStation 5's DualSense controller, no hardware is completely free of faults. For all its fancy features, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, it's a highly technical bit of kit, and so there are bound to be one or two issues that crop up. There hasn't been anything too widespread as far as we're aware, but the number of people reporting analog stick drift on the DualSense is growing.

If you've not heard the term "drift" in relation to controllers before, it refers to an issue where the pad detects an input on the sticks when there isn't one. For example, the camera panning around in a first person shooter without you even touching the right stick. Here's a video that sums it up pretty perfectly:

As found by Kotaku, users have been calling out DualSense drift as early as 10 days following the launch of PS5. Apparently, this is a fault that's covered by the controller's warranty, meaning Sony will repair or replace your dodgy pad. However, depending on where you live, you may have to pay postage to send your DualSense to the company. Not ideal.

Having said that, our experience with PlayStation's UK customer service has been pretty positive. One of this author's DualSense controllers suffered a different problem in which one of the triggers lost its resistance. After explaining the situation over the phone, an email was sent containing a printable postage label, allowing us to send the pad away for no charge. A few weeks later, a new controller arrived in the post. We can only imagine this fairly painless process would be the same for a DualSense with drift, or any other hardware issue.

Obviously, PS5's controller isn't the only one dealing with drift. Any controller with analog sticks is potentially sensitive to this, the most notorious example being the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons. Still, it's a frustrating flaw if it happens to you, and not what you expect from your brand new console. Have you had any trouble like this with your DualSense? Answer our poll, and discuss in the comments section below.

Have you experienced drift with your DualSense PS5 controller?

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