Do You Use These Two Forgotten PS5 Features? Poll 1

Today's PlayStation 5 firmware update added a number of new features to Sony's current-gen console, allowing you to transfer PS5 games over to an external hard drive and Share Play between PS4 and PS5 systems. There are even some hidden features you may not know about. However, while that's all well and good, have you been using some of the ones that were already there at launch? We've all heard about Game Help and the like, but there are a couple of features Sony made a fairly big deal out of that we haven't heard anyone talking about since release.

We're talking the PS5 Accolades system and those nifty Dust Catchers every console ships with. Indeed, when was the last time you thought about either of them? The former is designed to promote a more inclusive PSN community where users can reward medals to the people they play with. Only awardable to players you're not friends with, badges come in three forms: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport. And since our PS5 consoles arrived in November last year, we haven't been awarded a single one. We even play online quite regularly and consider ourselves good teammates! We've taken a look through our friends list and can't find a single user with one either.

Then there are the Dust Catchers, which we don't think we've heard mentioned once since their unveiling. Obviously, the PS5 isn't very old at the moment, but surely enough time has passed for at least a bit of dust to be collected in those things, right? Have you been checking? We'd love to know because we certainly haven't. So, do your worst. Place a vote in our polls below and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

How often do you use the PS5 Accolades system?
Do you use the PS5 Dust Catchers?