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  • News Animated Arcade Game Cuphead Skipping PS4

    But coming to Switch with Xbox Live support

    Xbox One console exclusive Cuphead is no longer a console exclusive, as it will launch on the Nintendo Switch on 18th April. But as Microsoft and the Big N become increasingly pally, it means that the PlayStation 4 looks set to miss out, as there’s no word on a port to Sony’s system. Apparently the...













  • News Industry Is Better When Nintendo Is Strong, Says Sony

    Platform holder doesn't think it'll be easy for Xbox One X

    Sony’s weighed in once again on the early success of the Nintendo Switch, stressing that it believes the increased presence in the space is a “good thing”. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan spoke earnestly about the positive reception the hybrid hardware has received, noting that...

  • Soapbox Publishers Can't Bloody Win When It Comes to E3

    Ramsey's sick of the hypocrites

    I write about video games for a living, so I'm used to seeing people overreact on the internet. I've grown accustomed to seeing people spew hilarious hyperbole on a regular basis - hell, I've done it myself - but there's something about E3 that rubs me the wrong way. Namely, the annual Los Angeles event brings out...

  • E3 2017 Microsoft's Saying Stupid Things About the PS4 Pro

    "It's a competitor to Xbox One S"

    If you hadn’t noticed, Microsoft’s marketing with Xbox One X revolves around techno babble that only a select few understand. In fact, even back when Project Scorpio was revealed last year, it’s been flaunting specifications, and it’s made damn sure you know that they’re stronger than the PlayStation 4...

  • Reaction Xbox Is Still Two Steps Behind PlayStation

    Microsoft's surmounted the power gap but forgotten the software

    Xbox fans waited a year for last night’s press conference. That’s not a slight, but it needs to be put into context: there’s been no PlayStation Experience equivalent over the past 12 months from the folks in Redmond; the company certainly didn’t hold any media briefings at the...

  • Poll Has Xbox One X Left You Feeling Green with Envy?

    4Kin' hell

    Microsoft announced the new instalment in the Xbox One hardware family today: the Xbox One X. It wasn’t – as many fans had projected onto it – a new-generation console; instead it’s a mid-gen upgrade similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro, capable of boosting existing Xbox One software to a higher resolution and including bells and...

  • Live Watch Assassin's Creed, ANTHEM Reveals at Xbox's E3 Press Conference

    Join us for the third-party blockbusters

    We’re not an Xbox website, but we all know that Microsoft’s big E3 2017 showcase will be host to a plethora of titles you’ll be playing on the PlayStation 4, so we’d be remiss not to put the Green Giant’s press conference live. We’re anticipating full reveals of ANTHEM as well as Assassin’s...

  • E3 2017 PlayStation Wishes Microsoft Luck Ahead of Press Conference

    It may need it

    Proof once again that the console sparring only takes place on message boards: PlayStation has wished Microsoft luck ahead of its E3 2017 press conference. The platform holder sent the following message to its Redmond competitor: “E3 is always an exciting time, good luck out there!” Well, shucks – isn’t that nice? The guys...

  • News Sony: We're Not Frightened of Xbox Scorpio

    Company won't be losing any sleep

    Sony’s been busy conducting interviews with some of the biggest publications in the industry, and it’s inevitably been asked about Project Scorpio – the upcoming PS4 Pro-esque upgrade for the Xbox One, which is scheduled to release later this year. And it’s admitted that, while it’s eager to see what...


  • News There's One Xbox Scorpio Feature PS4 Pro Needs to Steal Soon

    Universal supersampling

    Sony's decision to allow developers to do whatever they want to with the PlayStation 4 Pro certainly has its benefits: it puts less pressure on already taxed teams and it gives studios more freedom to explore what they feel is best for their game. But there is a catch: with so many different approaches, a few games don't take...

  • Reaction Will Sony Be Scared of the Xbox Scorpio?

    Sting in the tail

    Xbox's premium console Project Scorpio has been a source of conversation ever since a 90 second trailer outed the device at E3 2016 almost 12 months ago. With manufacturer Microsoft saying very little about the system since, it's become a bit of a fan's fancy – there's been so much speculation on enthusiast forums like NeoGAF...



  • News PS4 Sales Double Xbox One, Claims Report

    Sony supposedly has a gigantic lead

    Ever since Microsoft stopped reporting on its Xbox One numbers, actually gauging the difference in sales between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 has been difficult. We obviously know that Sony's system is in the lead - it's been the world's best selling console since 2014, after all - but just how big is the...




  • Talking Point Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?

    Neo way

    Microsoft jumped feet first into the iterative hardware space at E3 2016, announcing Project Scorpio for… Well, the end of 2017! Sony, on the other hand, opted to keep the PlayStation 4K closer to its chest, confirming that it is working on an upgraded console, but refusing to share specifics until the platform is officially announced –...





  • News Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales

    Sony's way out in the lead

    Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One hardware sales recently, suggesting that its Monthly Active Users metric is more important than its flagship format's install base. Fortunately, an EA investor report and a bit of math has enabled us to, for the first time in a long while, see how the Redmond firm's box is performing in...



  • News Microsoft Parodies PS4's Infamous Game Sharing Video


    In backward compatibility, Microsoft's finally got an Xbox One feature that it can shout about it – and it's sure trying its hardest to make a bit of noise. In a new video on the organisation's UK YouTube account, the company has parodied Sony's famous PlayStation 4 game sharing video – although the punch line isn't quite as well executed...




  • News PlayStation and Xbox Bosses Go Head-to-Head

    In a friendly game of Disney Infinity 3.0

    Can you hear that? It's the sound of Hell freezing over. At the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, PlayStation wish fulfiller Adam Boyes and Xbox spokesperson Larry Hryb hooked up for a head-to-head in Disney Infinity 3.0's all-new Sumo Digital developed kart racing mode. Neither of them looked especially...






  • News See, the Console Wars Don't Have to Be Mean

    Just slimy instead

    War never changes – unless, of course, they’re console wars. Ever since Sony dropped its anti-DRM bomb at E3 last year, both the Japanese giant and Microsoft have learned that the best way to ingratiate themselves to potential consumers is to act like their best friend. Every press conference now concludes with a message of...








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