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  • News The Ultimate PS4 Pro Controller Will Cost You a Pretty Penny

    But it's packing some killer features

    Sony recognises there’s a reasonable market for a “professional” grade DualShock 4 controller, but it’s one it’s happy to let third-party manufacturers supply. Razer, perhaps realising that it’ll be dining on caviar if it keeps pumping these out, is only too happy to oblige, so here’s the Razer...

  • News New PS4 Controllers Sport Some Divisive Colour Combinations

    Berry Blue, baby

    Sony has revealed four new DualShock 4 controllers coming to North America in September, all of them sporting fresh colour combinations. Europe, meanwhile, gets three of them, as the Sunset Orange controller already hit parts of the Old World earlier in the year. Unsurprisingly, we're already seeing some people express disgust,...


  • Guide Best PS4 Controller Deals

    DualShock 4 discounts

    What are the best deals on PS4 controllers and the DualShock 4? You’re going to need at least a couple of PlayStation 4 pads if you plan to play with pals – especially if you’ve been reading our best PS4 co-op games guide. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best PS4 controller deals around the web, so that you...





  • News Sony Details the Mini PS4 Controller

    40% smaller than the DualShock 4

    Sony's gone ahead and detailed the mini PlayStation 4 controller that it announced not loo long ago. Manufactured by HORI but officially licensed by the PlayStation maker, the Mini Wired Gamepad is designed with younger players in mind, but we imagine that it could also be a nice fit for those who find the standard...


  • News Elite PS4 Controller Isn't Something Sony Is Interested In

    Cerny shuts down the possibility

    Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite controller - essentially a more expensive, customisable Xbox pad aimed at invested users - PlayStation gamers have been wondering whether Sony intends to produce something similar for the PlayStation 4. We've always thought that it'd at least be nice to have the...



  • News Xbox Expats May Prefer This Hori PS4 Controller

    Asymmetrical sticks FTW

    Data shows that a lot of ex-Xbox fans have made the switch to the PlayStation 4 this generation, but not everyone's happy with the placement of the DualShock 4's analogue sticks. While many of us have grown up with Sony's symmetrical layout, others are more familiar with the asymmetrical format adopted by Microsoft – but...


  • Guide How to Connect the DualShock 4 Wirelessly to the PS3

    Your flexible friend

    While the DualShock 3 is a perfectly serviceable input device, it lacks the refinement of the PlayStation 4 controller’s more ergonomic shell. As such, you may be cursing Sony’s classic peripheral when you return to your PlayStation 3 backlog – but fortunately, there is an alternative. While the DualShock 4 has always been...


  • Guide How to Dim the PS4 Controller's Light Bar

    Dulling the DualShock 4

    One of the most consistent complaints pertaining to the PlayStation 4’s controller has been aimed at the device’s light bar. Designed to provide PlayStation Camera tracking and in-game feedback, the illuminated panel has been a constant source of criticism since the next-gen console’s release. Fortunately, Sony has...


  • News Sony: "We Wouldn't Ditch Traditional Controllers"

    "Doesn't make sense"

    We love PlayStation Move here at Movemodo — of course — but we're secretly partial to a bit of DualShock 3 action as well. In the future we expect Move to play an increasingly important part in PlayStation's control method, but that doesn't mean the standard dual analogue scheme is going out of the year, according to R&D...


  • News Sony Patents Reveal the Fascinating Moves That Never Were

    Analogue sticks and more

    Move's a simple beast, really: glowing sphere, gyrometers, accelerometers and that's about it. But what if it could be more? Recently revealed patents filed by Sony show the different avenues the controller could have taken in its route to market, including analogue sticks, twistable balls and a pressure-sensitive sphere...

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