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  • Poll Take the Push Square PlayStation Experience 2016 Community Quiz

    Place your bets

    Sony's bringing the PlayStation Meeting back for another year, as the Japanese company prepares its fan-driven event and stage presentation for the 3rd December. Always a tough show to predict, the PlayStation Experience isn't quite E3, so we tend to expect more niche titles and specific announcements to hog the limelight rather than...

  • News There's Excitement for a The Last of Us 2 Reveal at PSX 2016

    Can't be for nothing?

    You've opted to visit on what is essentially a holiday, so you're going to get rumours galore and not much else on this Black Friday. And there's one humdinger doing the rounds right now: The Last of Us 2 may be announced as early as PlayStation Experience 2016 next week. Sounds unlikely, doesn't it? Yeah, we're not sure we buy...

  • News Ace Combat 7 and Over 100 Other PS4 Games Will Be Playable at PSX 2016

    Horizon: Zero Dawn! Gran Turismo Sport! Yooka-Laylee!

    Here's a tasty morsel – and it's not that Thanksgiving turkey that you can't wait to carve. No, platform holder Sony has announced that Ace Combat 7 will be one of the 100 plus titles that will be playable on the PlayStation 4 at PSX 2016 next week. Yes, that's correct: the platform holder's...

  • Rumour Sam Drake to Star in Standalone Uncharted 4 Spin-Off

    A thief's beginning?

    Nathan Drake will cameo in one final adventure, but it's his brother Sam who will take the lead in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's standalone story spin-off. The all-new adventure – which will apparently be announced at PSX 2016 next week – will allegedly launch early next year, and will see Drake "handing over the adventuring...

  • News Destiny 2 May Slide and Shotgun into the PlayStation Experience Next Month

    Bungie's going to Anaheim, but for what?

    In its most recent weekly update, Bungie has revealed that it'll be travelling to Anaheim in the near future - presumably to attend the PlayStation Experience, which begins on the 3rd December. As we all know by now, Bungie has shown up at just about every PlayStation press conference since Destiny was...

  • News Sony Preps Epic Publisher and Developer Lineup for PSX 2016

    Big names

    Sony's annual PlayStation Experience event was only announced a few weeks ago, but it's already on top of us like… Like… Nah, that's not fit for a family site. The point is that the platform holder's assembled an all-star cast of publishers and developers to commemorate the Anaheim-based occasion, and it's published the full list on...

  • News This PSX 2016 Swag Is Making Us Feel Well Jel

    Good stuff

    One of the best things about publicly attended games conventions is the swag that's up for grabs, and Sony will be bringing some PlayStation treasures to PSX 2016 a little later in the year. Headlining the licensed goodies up for grabs is an authentic PaRappa the Rapper beanie, because who doesn't want one of those? But there's more:...


  • Rumour Uncharted 4 Story DLC to Climb into PSX 2016

    'The biggest Naughty Dog's ever done'

    While it sounds like God of War will be skipping PSX 2016, there's a good chance that you'll be seeing more of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – well, its single player expansion, to be precise. According to Let's Play Video Games – the same site that's been breaking Nintendo Switch news like there's no...

  • News God of War Will Conceal Its Rage from PSX 2016

    That's not Norse

    God of War will suck up its anger and bottle it up for another day, as director Cory Barlog has insinuated that the reboot will not be at PSX 2016 later this year. Many had hoped that we'd get a brand new glimpse of Kratos and his son at the convention in Anaheim, but it's looking like Sony Santa Monica will be keeping the release...


  • News PlayStation Experience 2016 Heads to Anaheim in December

    Is your body ready?

    PlayStation Experience 2016 is happening after all. There had been some speculation that Sony may cancel its annual fan gathering, but an official website has been updated revealing that the show will be hosted at the Anaheim Convention Centre on 3rd and 4th December. This means there'll be one last press conference for you to...


  • News Sony's Considering a European PlayStation Experience Event

    PS I Love EU

    PlayStation Experience has been an enormous success. The first event was more of an experiment really, but it went from strength-to-strength in 2015, suggesting that the US version will return again in December. But it sounds like Sony may be planning a European leg of the popular fan-fest as well, with the snippet buried in a Game...