god of war ps4 kratos.jpg

Behind closed doors at E3, God of War director Cory Barlog spilled a load of beans with regards to the fantastic looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, and thankfully, Level Up were there to absorb all the juicy information. According to the series veteran, Kratos' upcoming adventure won't be his last, hinting that Sony has further plans for the baldy brawler.

Given the heavy speculation that Kratos may retire from his duties as a kicker of arse, passing the mantle onto the young boy seen in the E3 2016 demo, many assumed that the new God of War would be the axe wielding maniac's final stand, but it looks like we're stuck with him for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of the boy, it also sounds like we won't be thrown into the youth's shoes during the game. Barlog apparently stated that the kid won't be playable - instead, Kratos will be able to give him commands, and he'll fend for himself in combat. We're definitely looking at a kind of Joel and Ellie set up, then.

Does this all sound good to you? Were you hoping to see Kratos get killed off halfway through? Don't say that to his face in the comments section below.

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