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Just in case you didn't already know (seriously, where the heck have you been?), God of War is out today on PlayStation 4, and honestly, it's put us in a bit of a pickle. As regular readers know, we like to run a nice poll (almost) every Friday to round out the week. Usually it takes us a little while to come up with a good topic, but this week there can really only be one winner, because it's the only thing worth talking about. Yep, it's God of War.

So here we are doing a poll on God of War despite the fact that it's only just launched today. Whether you managed to snag a copy early or whether you've only spent ten minutes with it, we want to know what you think so far. Has God of War made a positive first impression? Perhaps you booted it up at midnight last night and you never went to bed? Have your say in our polls, and then unleash your Spartan rage in the comments section below.

What are your first impressions of God of War? (218 votes)

  1. It's bloody brilliant so far, potential masterpiece44%
  2. I'm impressed, it's really good10%
  3. I'm enjoying it, but it's nothing amazing yet6%
  4. So far I'm disappointed, I thought it'd be better  0%
  5. Ugh, it's honestly not very good  0%
  6. I haven't played it yet40%

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How much time have you spent with God of War so far? (208 votes)

  1. I've put in a lot of hours already16%
  2. Just a couple of hours or so34%
  3. I've only just started8%
  4. I haven't started yet10%
  5. I haven't even bought it yet33%

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