Love him or loathe him, Kratos is unquestionably a big deal – and that's proven by the fact that the first gameplay footage of God of War's reboot has now climbed to the top of PlayStation's official YouTube channel. Previously, the most viewed game trailer on Sony's account was Final Fantasy VII Remake, but the bearded badass overtook Cloud and crew in the early hours of this morning.

With a whopping 14.3 million views at the time of typing, it's clear that the axe-wielding ex-deity still has significant draw. It's worth pointing out that there are trailers on the manufacturer's channel with more views, but these either pertain to the PlayStation 4 itself or have been boosted by pre-roll ads. God of War's success appears to be entirely organic.

And it bodes well for the full game, which is sure to be a humongous seller. We probably won't be seeing any more of the title until E3 2017, but whatever Sony Santa Monica's got in the pipeline is sure to drop jaws. It's nice to see the decision to move in a new direction rewarded for once, as well.