God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Fun observation: God of War's E3 2016 reveal has been watched almost eight million times on YouTube, making it the second most watched video of the show – and the 12th most popular video on the official PlayStation channel of all time. Battlefield 1 has a few more views than Santa Monica's latest, but they're pretty neck and neck right now.

There are some disclaimers that we need to add here: content creators can pay to promote certain videos, and it's not unusual for publishers to do this in order to advertise their latest wares. However, the long-form format of the God of War video means that it's unlikely that Sony has boosted this 10 minute clip, and the ratio of likes certainly suggest that most of the views have been organic.

Either way, Sony will certainly be happy to see the title resonate so strongly – especially given the change of direction. Last year it was Final Fantasy VII Remake's reveal that brought the views for PlayStation's YouTube channel, so the new bearded Kratos is in good company. We wonder what next year's major reveal will be?

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