God of War - Timeline

Friday31st May 2024

Wednesday29th May 2024

  • Rumour God of War Ragnarok's PC Announcement Is Imminent

    Ragnarok is coming

    It would be no surprise whatsoever to see God of War Ragnarok arrive on PC — but it might be dropping sooner than people realise. According to ultra-reliable leaker billbil-kun, the port's official announcement is coming "very soon", with the original PC version rumour doing the rounds earlier this month. Is this yet more...

Friday17th May 2024

  • Guide Best God of War Games

    All God of War games ranked and rated

    What are the best God of War games? In the pantheon of popular PlayStation intellectual properties, God of War occupies the throne room alongside other household names like Uncharted and Gran Turismo. Developed (mostly) by Santa Monica Studio, the beloved series has evolved from its pure action game roots into a...

Friday10th May 2024

  • News God of War Ragnarok Set for PC, New Report Claims

    Announcement possibly this month

    God of War Ragnarok is amongst the next batch of first-party titles Sony plans to port to PC, a new report from PS Plus leaker Billbil-Kun claims. They say the official announcement could be made as soon as this month, which could line up with a potential PlayStation Showcase taking place in May. Sony has been happy...

Tuesday9th Apr 2024

  • News Sony Santa Monica Studio Seemingly Hiring for New God of War Game

    God of more

    If Santa Monica Studio suddenly announced that it was working on a new God of War game, there wouldn't be a shred of shock to be found amongst anyone even remotely familiar with PlayStation. But, it's still a nice thing to think about. As spotted by Portuguese site Geekinout, the PlayStation Studios developer is currently hiring for a...

Monday18th Mar 2024

Monday25th Dec 2023

Tuesday19th Dec 2023

  • News God of War Creator Says Kratos Has Lost His Way

    The lingering spectre of Sparta

    Creator David Jaffe isn't a massive fan of the direction that the modern God of War series, specifically God of War Ragnarok, is taking the character of Kratos. In a video posted to YouTube, Jaffe outlined his thoughts on the older, more contemplative martial deity, arguing that ageing developers pouring their life...

Thursday14th Dec 2023

Tuesday12th Dec 2023

  • Poll Are You Playing God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla?

    Free for all

    God of War Ragnarok's free DLC is out now on PS5 and PS4. Adding a whole new component to Kratos' Game of the Year-worthy epic, Valhalla tasks players with battling through an increasingly dangerous gauntlet of opponents in roguelike fashion. For some, 'roguelike' is without a doubt a dirty term, but this expansion promises a personal...

  • News God of War Ragnarok's Free Valhalla DLC Out Now on PS5, PS4

    Patch weighs in at around 8GB

    Announced and released in the space of a week, the free God of War Ragnarok DLC Valhalla is out now on PS5, PS4. It'll be delivered via an update to the base game; you don't need to search the PS Store for it. Set aside roughly 8GB for the base game patch, and then you'll download the rogue-like mode on top. The...

  • News God of War Ragnarok's Free DLC Will Add New PS5, PS4 Trophies

    A reason to return

    God of War Ragnarok’s hotly anticipated free DLC expansion Valhalla, due out later today, will add more Trophies to the game – although they’ll be listed separately from the campaign, so you won’t need to worry about them if you haven’t earned the Platinum just yet. Writing on Twitter, game director Mihir Sheth confirmed...

  • News Get a Crash Course in God of War Ragnarok's Free Valhalla DLC on PS5, PS4

    Out today

    God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla is an unfortunate amalgamation of Norse words. However, the incoming free DLC (out today, 12th December) looks like a delicious second helping for fans of Sony Santa Monica's most recent release. We learned that Valhalla would serve as an epilogue to Kratos's story, and now we have a trailer showing it in...

Friday8th Dec 2023

Wednesday22nd Nov 2023

  • News God of War Studio Recruits Former Gears of War Narrative Director

    GoW to GoW

    Revealed through her personal Twitter account, Bonnie Jean Mah has joined God of War developer Sony Santa Monica Studio as a narrative director. Previously, Mah had spent a lot of time working on another franchise that can be shortened to GoW — Gears of War. She was the property's franchise narrative manager and later franchise...

Friday10th Nov 2023

  • News God of War Ragnarok LoFi Beats Are Chiller Than Fimbulwinter

    More like GOAT McCreary

    As the only possible thing to listen to while writing, we've become connoisseurs of LoFi music in recent years. Imagine our delight, then, at waking up to an official Bear McCreary joint on the PlayStation YouTube channel that mixes tracks from Sony Santa Monica's epic God of War Ragnarok soundtrack. The tracklist features...

Thursday9th Nov 2023

Thursday2nd Nov 2023

Monday30th Oct 2023

  • News God of War, Uncharted on PC Expand to GOG

    They really are Good Old Games now

    PC service GOG (or Good Old Games) has announced it'll soon have its own versions of God of War and the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection to sell on its online store. The two games have already been available on Steam for some time now, but this offers PC users another way of owning them. The DRM free...

Friday25th Aug 2023

  • Rumour God of War Ragnarok DLC Expansion Deep in Development for PS5

    Allegedly around 60 per cent complete

    An expansion to the uber-popular PlayStation first-party exclusive God of War Ragnarok is allegedly deep in development, according to notorious leaker The Snitch. It should be noted that, while there was a period where the infamous Internet tipster was flawless, the Twitter account has changed hands –...

Tuesday27th Jun 2023

Monday22nd May 2023

Tuesday16th May 2023

  • News God of War Dev Is Working on Something Inspirational

    PlayStation Studios boss is impressed

    It sounds like Sony Santa Monica Studio, the prestigious first-party developer behind the God of War franchise, is hard at work on its next project. That's not exactly news, since God of War Ragnarok came out last year and AAA game development has no real downtime, but we should probably be excited for whatever...

Tuesday11th Apr 2023

Thursday6th Apr 2023

  • Poll Are You Playing God of War Ragnarok's New Game Plus?

    Oh boy!

    If you've been hankering to replay the superb God of War Ragnarok, then there's simply never been a better time to dive back in. The game's anticipated New Game Plus mode has been released as part of a hefty update, increasing the level cap, reworking certain encounters, and letting you take all of your unlocked abilities and gear into an...

Wednesday5th Apr 2023