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  • Weirdness Russia Has a Tank Controlled with a DualShock

    Press X to attack

    There's more crossover between games consoles and the military than you may think – after all, remember when Iraq caused concern when it imported 4,000 PlayStation 2 consoles purportedly as part of a plan to build a supercomputer designed to control a chemical weapon? Well, now Russia's getting in on the act, as its latest tank...





  • Weirdness Sony's Bringing Back AIBO, Its Robot Dog


    All is well once more in the world of Sony’s financials, so it looks like the organisation’s research and development team has been let off its leash – quite literally. Some of you may remember AIBO, the robotic dog that the Japanese company launched in the late 90s. Well, now the project’s back in the form of a new AI-powered pet...










  • Weirdness Inside's Soundtrack was Created Using a Human Skull


    What the heck? According to a very detailed and informative article over on Gamasutra, brilliant PlayStation 4 indie Inside's soundtrack was created using an actual human skull. No, you read that right - composer and sound designer Martin Stig used a real human skull and jawbone to help make the game's music. "Early on, as we were working...










  • Weirdness Police Arrest Man Who Urinated on Video Games

    In a wee bit of trouble

    If you've got to go, for God's sake don't relieve your bladder all over a bunch of video games. That's what one Target shopper did, as he was caught on CCTV urinating over a shelf of software and accessories. The incident took place on 5th January in Pennsylvania, and police have since brought the chap in for questioning...


  • Weirdness Zombi Rises Again for Retail on PS4

    Boxed version to emerge on 21st January

    Talk about beating the undead horse – Ubisoft has decided to announce a boxed retail version of Zombi, a game that it's pretty much bled dry over the course of three years. First starting out as a Wii U game, Zombi then was ported to PS4 earlier this year, and was well received by reviewer Greg Giddens, who...

  • Weirdness Adult Site Sees Drop in Traffic on Fallout 4 Launch Day

    High vaultage

    Vault dwellers found a different kind of joystick to play with on Fallout 4's launch day, as adult site Pornhub – not linked for obvious reasons – reported a 10 per cent decline in traffic on the day of the role-playing game's release. Apparently page views dipped at 05:00AM on 10th November, around the time most people would have...

  • Weirdness Here's a Badass Tekken Moveset Performed in Real Life

    Not a fighting stick in sight

    It's a thought that's crossed our minds more than once while playing a fighting game: are some of these moves actually that effective in real life? Obviously, some of them aren't - like Devil Jin's laser eye beams - but what about some of the more realistic styles? One of Tekken's taekwondo specialists, Hwoarang's...

  • Weirdness After 40 Years, Sony's Finally Killing Off Betamax

    Cassette decked

    Here's one for our younger readers: before Netflix there were DVDs, and before DVDs there were VHS tapes. But before all of that, in 1975, there were Betamax cassettes. Sony created these as a means to record and playback video, but while the format was considered superior in some regards, it lost a very fierce war against JVC's...

  • Weirdness PS4 Perv Slaps the Salami Over System in Store


    We all like to twiddle our joysticks for entertainment – but when it comes to the PlayStation 4, the majority of us have our hands firmly on the DualShock 4. One saucy shopper had a very different piece of equipment between his fingers, though – as he was caught choking the chicken in front of the console in an electronics store. A...





  • Weirdness People Are Already Covering Horizon: Zero Dawn's Soundtrack

    We know we weren't the first ones here

    Dutch musician Joris de Man may have been missing from Killzone: Shadow Fall, but he's proven that he's still the man by composing Horizon: Zero Dawn's soaring soundtrack. And so affecting has the E3 trailer's short audio snippet proven that people are already taking to YouTube with their own rendition of the...

  • Weirdness Dragon Age Romance Comes to a Tragic End as Player Is Eaten Alive

    Elven hell

    Here's some Friday night humour for you. One unlucky Dragon Age: Inquisition player has encountered a rather tragic bug that ruins a particular scene in the game time and time again. Detailing the scenario with plenty of hilarious screenshots and running commentary, Tumblr user omgsolas finds herself unable to break up with potential...

  • Weirdness The Horrific Truth Behind Fallout 3's DLC Train

    Masterful game development

    Believe it or not, developers cut corners all the time when it comes to making games - especially if it's a particularly big project. And Bethesda, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and the recent Fallout games, is no stranger to such practices. Usually crafting titles that are absolutely massive in scope, it's no...

  • Weirdness There's a PSone on the Way to Pluto

    Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation

    If you thought that your yellowing PSone was good for late-night sessions of Crash Bandicoot only, then you may want to have a rethink. NASA engineers repurposed the system's MIPS R3000 CPU back in 2006, using it to control a grand piano-sized space probe which is on its way to Pluto. According to The...



  • Weirdness This Copy of Bloodborne Is Getting Panned

    Deck the store manager

    Bloodborne's a terrifying game at the best of times – especially when the Blu-ray is replaced for a Christmas Pan Pipes compilation CD. We're squinting at the legitimacy of this NeoGAF post, but it seems authentic enough to warrant coverage here on Push Square. According to user Messofanego, he picked up a shrink-wrapped...





  • Weirdness This Christmas Gift Is the PS4 Equivalent of Coal

    Stone the crows

    If you reckon that you had a rough Christmas trying to connect to the PlayStation Network, then spare a thought for Igor Baksht's poor 13-year-old niece, who almost received a box of rocks for the big day. According to the Daily Mail, the aforementioned unfortunate shopper picked up a PlayStation 4 from Wal-Mart, but was sold a box...

  • Weirdness Sony Yanks The Interview Amid Intensifying Threats

    Firm has no plans for future release

    We’re pretty sure that only Sony could spend approximately $40 million on a movie that has to be scrapped a week before release because of intensifying threats. The firm announced yesterday that it’s ditching all 25th December release plans for its latest flick The Interview, after a hacking group named the...

  • Weirdness Alright, These PS4 Face Plates Are Ridiculously Rad

    Cover up

    Sony may not have intended for the PlayStation 4’s hard drive cover to be customisable, but it’s cottoned onto the fact that people are using the removable face plate to personalise their platform, and has started to run its own line of custom concealers. However, while those are neat, these transparent ones from Cyber Gadget truly...




  • Weirdness These PS4 Sneakers Are Sublime

    "Please could you not step on my dunks?"

    Confession: this editor purchased a pair of Air Jordans a few years ago. As has become a parody for some parts of popular culture, they never get worn – primarily because they cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, they weren’t as expensive as these custom PlayStation 4 sneakers, which will set you back...

  • Weirdness What if The Last of Us Was Really Resident Evil 4?

    The last of Leon

    The Last of Us and Resident Evil 4 are, in this editor’s eyes, the two greatest horror games ever made – so, like cheese and pineapple, it’s hard to imagine them being anything but amazing when put together, right? Not quite, but this mod by LegalSoul is still fun. It replaces original protagonists Leon and Ashley with Joel...

  • Weirdness You're Going to Want This Nifty PSone Bag

    Geek chic

    Want a tip regarding the inner workings of the Push Square hive mind? If we start trotting out clothes or accessories, then you can guarantee that it’s a slow news day. Yes, we’ve had the Minecraft acquisition which is a big deal, but this author’s spent the day trying to work it all out. The two scrapped articles and several hours...

  • Weirdness This Is the Most Expensive PS4 in the World

    Yours for just $13,600

    If you’ve splashed out on that Glacier White PlayStation 4 expecting to be the king of the console castle, then you’re out of luck – there’s already a snazzier system on the market. Designed by Italian jeweller Gatti and available at the Games 14 convention from today in Dubai, this $13,600 device ships in a rose gold...

  • Weirdness How Would You Like to Study PlayStation at University?

    Korean institute even has DualShock themed desks

    Well, that's us here at Push Square absolutely drunk with jealousy. Sangmyung University in South Korea is going to be hosting a course all about PlayStation, in a classroom that's, er, all about PlayStation. The learning institute has teamed up with Sony to create the course, in which students will...