God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 Norse Viking 1

We were highly sceptical of yesterday's God of War IV leak, but events that have transpired since going to press suggest that we were wrong to dismiss them. First, a quick recap: Nerd Leaks obtained images from the personal portfolio of an ex-Sony Santa Monica artist showing a bearded Kratos invading Norse legend. The resume was quickly removed, before Nerd Leaks itself pulled down its website and deleted its Twitter page. Crazy scenes.

Polygon has now followed up on the artwork, reporting that, while Sony's yet to comment, sources have indicated to the site that the leaked images are official. We should also point out that these pictures, in their original form, included direct references to Kratos, as well as Alfheim and Vanaheimr – two of the, we assume, nine worlds that the hairless anti-hero will invade. For those not up on their Norse lore, Alfheim is the land of faeries, while Vanaheimr is the home of a group of Gods named Vanir.

Kratos' journey will presumably find him conquering all nine worlds of Norse legend, potentially ending in Asgard. You can probably expect him to mutilate the likes of Odin, Loki, and, of course, Thor along the way. There are also ample creatures for the maniacal madman to pull apart, including the giant Ymir and the wolf Fenrir. It almost writes and designs itself, then – we just want to know exactly how they're going to explain Kratos' presence in a universe that he doesn't necessarily belong in, because… Well, it better be bloody good.

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