Looking for all Firefly Pendants locations in The Last of Us 1? As part of our The Last of Us 1 guide, we're listing all collectibles, including Firefly Pendants. Firefly Pendants are effectively dog tags in The Last of Us 1, which you'll find on the floor, in drawers, or sometimes hanging from trees.

The Last of Us 1: All Firefly Pendants Locations

Firefly Pendants are denoted in game as flashing objects which can be picked up. As you get closer to them, they'll be illustrated by a Firefly icon. You can pick Firefly Pendants up with the triangle button, although sometimes you may need to knock them down by shooting them or throwing objects at them. If you open your backpack with the touchpad, you can examine any Firefly Pendants you've collected thus far. Our The Last of Us 1 guide includes all Firefly Pendants locations. You can click on any Firefly Pendant for a more detailed description of where to find it. There are 30 Firefly Pendants in total to find across The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and collecting them all will unlock the Look for the Light Trophy.

Quarantine Zone

Beyond the Wall

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The Cargo

The Outskirts



The Capitol Building

Bill's Town

The Woods




Alone and Forsaken

Hotel Lobby

Escape the City

The Suburbs



Tommy's Dam

Hydroelectric Dam

Ranch House

The University

Go Big Horns

Science Building

Lakeside Resort

The Hunt

Cabin Resort

Bus Depot

Highway Exit

Underground Tunnel

The Firefly Lab

The Hospital

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