PS3 Emulation PS5

Ah, PS3 emulation on a current Sony console — the eternal dream. This is a talking point that dates all the way back to the very early days of the PS4, when it was confirmed that the last-gen machine wouldn't be backwards compatible with its predecessor's games. The conversation has rumbled on ever since, exploding into life whenever a PlayStation patent has bubbled to the surface, or semi-reliable informant has brought it up.

For years, rumours have stated that Sony's got an official PS3 emulator in the works — but no concrete evidence has ever been unearthed. And now, things are kicking off again thanks to recent whispers on social media and the like. However, there's a bit more weight to the current conversation, with in-the-know reporter Jeff Grubb commenting on PS3 emulation via the latest Game Mess Mornings podcast.

Grubb has reason to believe that Sony's been working on said emulation for "quite some time". He goes on to say that he first heard about the initiative earlier this year, and originally thought that it would be revealed closer to that time. Still, Grubb doesn't sound convinced that PS3 emulation is a certainty: "That clearly didn't happen, but that doesn't mean it will never happen — maybe it does."

Whether it happens or not, PS3 emulation is making headlines again. There's just no getting away from the fact that so many great games are trapped on Sony's last-last-gen system — and it'd be a real shame for things to stay that way.

Do you believe that official PS3 emulation is real? Do you think it'll ever see the light of day? Reminisce about all of your favourite PS3 games in the comments section below.

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