Image: Sandeep Rai

Author Sandeep Rai is back at it again, launching a Kickstarter project to produce a comprehensive history of the PS3 in a lovely-looking hardback format. It Only Did Everything will chronicle the good times and the bad, from the console's turbulent launch to its triumphal comeback and everything in between.

Previously, Rai successfully Kickstarted and released Vita Means Life, an excellent tome detailing the trials and tribulations of Sony's famously neglected handheld, so you know he's got the chops for such an ambitious undertaking. We aren't the only ones who think so either; at the time of writing, the It Only Did Everything Kickstarter campaign has already raised some £25,566 across 542 backers, more than twice the project's initial goal of £12,500. And all of that in the first five days alone, with another 25 remaining to secure additional funding.

Anyone interested in PlayStation history should absolutely check the campaign out, with the finished product expected to be released by June 2023, although Rai hopes to have it out even sooner than that. For more information, you can listen to an interview with Sandeep on the latest Sacred Symbols podcast.

What do you think of It Only Did Everything, and of Rai's ongoing efforts to preserve PlayStation history for future generations? Keep a record of everything that came before in the comments section below.