Red Dead Redemption PS3 PlayStation

Red Dead Redemption was a landmark achievement in game design, one that few studios have managed to replicate in the more than a decade since the cowboy epic was released. But, like the age of the Wild West itself, Red Dead Redemption has become a relic of a bygone era, with the title no longer playable on modern PlayStation platforms after its removal from Sony's streaming service.

Red Dead Redemption was released on PlayStation Now in 2016, and that service would eventually be subsumed into what is now PS Plus Premium. Both the base game and its excellent standalone expansion, Undead Nightmare, were only ever released on PS3, which means that your busted old disc won't work on PS5, or even PS4, for that matter, relegating the title to the dustbin of history, especially with that rumoured remaster reportedly shelved.

As it stands, the only way to relive John Marston's original adventure on current consoles is via Xbox Series and Xbox One platforms. They've got fancy enhanced editions, too, which present the venerable titles in glorious 4K. Credit where it's due, that kind of digital archiving is pretty awesome and something we wish PlayStation made more of a focus.

What do you think of the passing of Red Dead Redemption from PlayStation platforms? Is it really that big a deal? Reminisce with us of ages gone by in the comments section below.

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