The Last of Us is more popular than ever thanks to both the HBO TV series and The Last of Us: Part I remake. Regardless of whether you are watching the show or playing the game for the first time, there is a ridiculous amount of lore just waiting to be explored that neither medium fully uncover.

Want to know how the outbreak started? Wondering why society fell so quickly? Or are you just curious as to what Joel got up to in the 20 years between the prologue and the main story? Well, thankfully, we have the answers for you as we break it all down in our explainer on the first 20 years of The Last of Us apocalypse.

You can check out this lore deep dive over on the Push Square YouTube channel, where we cover the outbreak, fall of society, and Joel’s early years in a fun documentary format.

As part of a series, we want to know what other games you’d love to see get the deep dive treatment. Maybe one of your favourite PlayStation scenes brought under a microscopic lens? Whatever it is, let us know down below.