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  • News Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia Expansion Is Out Now on PS4

    But why would you?

    It still isn't fixed, but Bethesda is continuing to truck along with the roadmap of content it has planned out for Fallout 76. The first piece is titled Wild Appalachia, and you can get a taste of what's in store for the few out there still playing in the trailer above. There's a series of new quests to take part in, features,...







  • News Fallout 76's B.E.T.A. Begins on 30th October for PS4

    Bethesda plans to break the game

    Dwellers will begin to emerge from Vault 76 on 30th October, when Fallout 76’s B.E.T.A. is scheduled to get underway. You’ll need an eligible pre-order in order to secure a Break-It Early Test Application, but even then servers won’t be running 24/7 according to publisher Bethesda: “They’ll be online during...

  • News No Plans for Fallout 76 Cross-Play, Despite Todd Howard Blaming Sony

    "Not on our radar right now"

    There are no plans for cross-play in Fallout 76, despite Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard blaming Sony for holding it back. The Japanese giant announced a new stance today, starting with a Fortnite beta which will allow PlayStation 4 owners to play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players. It indicated that

  • News New Fallout 76 Video Drops the Bomb on Nuclear Weapons

    This'll blow up

    The latest in Fallout 76's series of educational cartoons is here, and this time, the focus is on nuclear weapons. It's a typically comical little trailer, but it also highlights an interesting aspect of Bethesda's first online multiplayer title. You'll be able to find parts of a launch code while roaming the sprawling map, and it...



  • News Fallout 76's B.E.T.A. Breaks in October

    Xbox One owners beta testing the B.E.T.A. first

    Fallout 76’s promised B.E.T.A. will begin (and presumably break) in October, ahead of the title’s 14th November launch. The test will be available on Xbox One first, with the PlayStation 4 to follow after an unspecified period of exclusivity. Anyone who pre-orders the title at participating...

  • News A Fallout: New Vegas Situation Is Unlikely to Happen Again, Says Bethesda

    The studio's grown

    Following on from the huge success of Fallout 3 back in 2008, Bethesda looked to capitalise on the series' rebirth with Fallout: New Vegas, which launched around two years later. However, Bethesda saw fit to give the spin-off project to legendary role-playing game studio Obsidian, so that it could concentrate on upcoming titles...


  • News Fallout 76's Beta Will Brave the PS4 After the Xbox One

    Staying in the Vault

    Even the most optimistic among you will probably expect Fallout 76 to launch in a less than desirable state when it arrives on 14th November, so it’s probably not worth panicking over the title’s beta being delayed on the PlayStation 4. This seems like it’s down to some sort of marketing arrangement, as PC players will...

  • E3 2018 Bethesda Says Fallout 76 Won't Allow Players to Grief, Doesn't Explain How


    There's currently a bit of a backlash surrounding Fallout 76. While we fully recommend waiting to see what finished game has in store before casting judgement, it's hard to ignore the fact that so many fans are expressing distaste over the title's persistent online world. If you haven't already heard, yes, you have to be online in order to...

  • Guide Fallout 76 - Everything We Know So Far

    Release date, platforms, power armor edition

    During its E3 2018 press conference, Bethesda blew the next entry in the Fallout franchise wide open. It's called Fallout 76, and it's an online survival game as opposed to an open world single-player RPG. Think a more casual Rust or Day-Z set in a post apocalyptic environment and you're on the right...

  • E3 2018 Fallout 76 Can't Be Played Alone, There Will Always Be Other Players

    Uh oh

    Hmmm, is that trouble we can smell brewing? During Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference, we got a bit of an information blowout on Fallout 76 -- the always online, multiplayer Fallout title that launches in November of this year. However, even after the show was over, many fans still wondered whether they could set up private...

  • E3 2018 Fallout 76 Is Online Multiplayer, Launches on PS4 This November

    Take me home

    Fallout 76 got an info blowout during Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference, as expected. So, let's run down all of the big details to start with. Yes, this is a multiplayer Fallout title. You'll be able to both fight alongside and against other players, all in the same open world wasteland. It sounds like the game requires an online...

  • E3 2018 Fallout Shelter Launches Today on PS4

    Community manager

    As rumoured much earlier in the week, Fallout Shelter will launch today on the PlayStation 4, bringing with it a Platinum Trophy and some top-notch community management. The title has been downloaded over 120 million times on other platforms, which is an outrageous number. It'll still be free-to-play on PS4.

  • E3 2018 Fallout 76 Is Four Times the Size of Fallout 4

    Gets a new trailer

    Fallout 76 got a new in-engine trailer during Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, giving us just a touch more insight into what the game will be about. According to Bethesda, the title will feature an open world that's four times as big as the one in Fallout 4. No release window or any further details were given, so expect an...

  • E3 2018 Fallout Shelter Is Coming to PS4

    Trophies leak

    Hey look, another E3 leak! This time around, we now know that Fallout Shelter is coming to PS4 after its Trophy list has just popped up on Exophase. The game has been available on phones and Xbox One for quite a while now, but this will be its first appearance on a PlayStation device. The title allows you to create your own shelter,...

  • News Fallout 4's Base Building Mechanics Nearly Never Made It into the Game

    Constantly on the cutting block

    You either loved or hated them, but there's no denying that Fallout 4's base building mechanics formed a large part of the open world experience, which structured itself around defending your outpost from hostile attacks and developing relationships with other settlements. What you might find interesting then is...

  • News Fallout 76 Is Going All-Out at E3 2018

    Bethesda gets the big one

    Every year, one of E3's biggest games gets pasted across the towers of The Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles. We're going to assume that this prime advertising space costs quite a bit of cash to secure, so the fact that Bethesda's nabbed it for Fallout 76 is perhaps an indication that the publisher is going all-in on...

  • Rumour Fallout 76 Release Date Could Be July, According to Leak

    That would be fast

    We know that Bethesda likes to launch its games quite quickly following their initial reveals, so we wouldn't be at all surprised to see the recently announced Fallout 76 release this year. However, according to the title's original Amazon product page, the game could actually hit store shelves as early as next month...


  • Report Fallout 76 Is Not a Traditional Single Player Role-Playing Game

    Online survival experience inspired by DayZ

    Fallout 76 was announced with a cracking trailer this week, prompting many to believe that a traditional post-apocalyptic campaign is on the way. That’s not true according to Kotaku, who spoke with a trio of unnamed Bethesda employees: it’s an online survival game inspired by the likes of DayZ and

  • News Fallout 76 Announced, Teaser Trailer Released

    What happened to the other 72?

    What the heck? Bethesda has announced Fallout 76 after a day of teasing. Many had expected the publisher’s countdown to conclude with some kind of remaster news, but it looks like we’re getting a brand new game instead. The number ‘76’ recurs frequently throughout the 90 second clip, but it seems that it...

  • News Bethesda Is Teasing Something Fallout Related

    Please stand by

    Fallout publisher Bethesda appears to be gearing up for a new announcement for the popular post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. Starting with a tweet bearing the series' famous "Please stand by" image, the company is now hosting a live stream on Twitch, but... Nothing's happening. At least, not yet. The stream has been going for a...


  • News Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition Wanders onto PS4 Today

    War never changes

    Fallout 4's long awaited but always inevitable Game of the Year edition is out today on PlayStation 4. It includes the base game and all of its downloadable content. It's a pretty huge package, that's for sure. Fallout 4 first launched back in November of 2015, and although it was never quite able to capture the heart of many a...

  • News Another Fallout: New Vegas? Obsidian Would 'Love' To Do It

    Your move, Bethesda

    Fallout: New Vegas developer and role-playing veteran studio Obsidian "would love" to work on another Fallout game, director Josh Sawyer has told IGN. "I know there are tons of people at Obsidian who would love to work on a Fallout game again. If we were given the chance, we would certainly love to," he said. That's a lot of...



  • News Bethesda Owner ZeniMax Is Being Sued Over Fallout 4 Ad

    Dion ain't happy

    Cast your mind back to the year 2015, just before the launch of Fallout 4. The video that we've embedded above was one of the game's main advertisements, and we happen to think it's pretty cool - especially for a live action ad. However, almost two years later, singer and songwriter Dion is suing Bethesda parent company ZeniMax...



  • News Fallout 4's PS4 Pro Patch Brings Some Big Improvements

    That's rad

    Fallout 4 got its PS4 Pro patch last week, meaning that the game is now officially supported by Sony's supercharged system. As many of you will no doubt be aware, the open world title doesn't run brilliantly on a standard PlayStation 4, with regular frame rate drops hurting the overall experience. Fortunately, Digital Foundry has...

  • News Fallout 4 PS4 Patch 1.14 Out Now, Features Pro Support

    Drop the bomb

    If you've been hankering for some high resolution post-apocalyptic adventuring then you're in luck, as Fallout 4's latest update is out now on PlayStation 4. Only weighing in at 461MB, patch 1.14 brings PS4 Pro support to Bethesda's popular role-playing release. Pro users can expect things like increased resolution, better draw...

  • News Don't Get Your Hopes Up for Fallout Shelter on PS4

    Bethesda doesn't seem to have plans

    Fallout Shelter's had a good run on mobile devices since it was revealed at Bethesda's E3 2015 press conference, but with the game's recent Xbox One launch, some fans have been wondering whether it'll eventually make its way onto PlayStation 4. As always, we find ourselves turning to PR boss Pete Hine's Twitter...



  • News Minecraft's Braving Radiation with Fallout DLC

    Mind the ghouls

    Wow, it's been a while since we wrote about Minecraft, but its newly announced Fallout skin pack looks too cool to ignore. We spotted a ton of locations from the open world titles in the trailer that we've embedded above, including a rather blocky replica of the Prydwen from Fallout 4. The DLC is coming to the console versions of...


  • Guide How to Download and Install Fallout 4 Mods on PS4

    Fall back in

    After what feels like an age of waiting, mod support has finally arrived for Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4. All that you need in order to get started is download the game's latest patch, which adds mod functionality to the release. Once you've got that, you'll be able to hop into the title's new mod section via the main menu, where you'll...

  • News Fallout 4 Finally Has Mod Support on PS4

    The end of the world as we know it

    Many thought that the day would never come, but here it is: Fallout 4 finally has mod support on PlayStation 4. After months and months of silence, delays, and supposed debates between Sony and Bethesda, the title's latest patch adds in mod functionality - and it's available to download now. As with Skyrim -...

  • News Fallout 4 Mod Support Wanders onto PS4 This Week

    The end of an era

    It's taken months... and months... and months to actually happen, but mod support is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 version of Fallout 4 later this week. Patch 1.8 will launch within the next few days, and will add mod functionality to the post-apocalyptic adventure. Players have been waiting for what seems like an age for...



  • Feature Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Worth It?

    We take a look back at all the DLC

    It's almost been one whole year since Fallout 4 launched, believe it or not. Thanks to a total of six downloadable content offerings, it's safe to say that Bethesda's done a good job of keeping Fallout 4 relevant over the last 10 or so months. Every new DLC release has been met with widespread media coverage, and...

  • News Bethesda Speaks Out: Sony Will Not Allow Fallout 4 or Skyrim Mods on PS4

    Dropped like a bomb

    After months of waiting for mod support for Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4, Bethesda has finally issued a statement that provides some clarity on the matter. We've know for a while that Bethesda has been trying to get mods up and running on the current-gen console, but for whatever reason, discussions with Sony have never quite...

  • News Bethesda Won't Comment on Fallout: New Orleans Rumours

    Crawl out through the Fallout

    Last month, we reported on a trademark for something called Fallout: New Orleans. Almost as soon as the news got out, the 'net was awash in speculation, with many hoping and praying that Bethesda was going to allow another studio to have a crack at the Fallout franchise, much like Obsidian did with Fallout: New Vegas on...


  • Hands On How Does Fallout 4: Nuka World Run on PS4?

    Please don't be another Far Harbor

    If you were around for that whole saga with Far Harbor's horrible frame rate issues on PlayStation 4, then you'll know that we here at Push Square take technical performance quite seriously. Fallout 4's previous expansion ran terribly on Sony's console when it launched, constantly dipping below the 20...

  • News Fallout 4: Nuka World Goes Live Tonight on PS4

    The final countdown

    Who's ready for Fallout 4's final expansion then, eh? Bethesda has revealed that Nuka World will launch tonight in North America, and in the very early hours of tomorrow morning here in Europe. We've gone ahead and listed the exact times below, so be sure to grab some late night snacks and load up that level 100 character save...

  • News Fallout 4's New Nuka World Trailer Shows the Sinister Side of Safety


    With Nuka World now only days away, Bethesda has saw fit to release a new trailer for Fallout 4's final slice of downloadable content - but don't go expecting a load of new gameplay. Instead, the developer's opted for another comical cartoon much like the title's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video series. In this particular clip, Nuka World mascots...

  • News Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop on PS4 Has Been Patched, Here's How to Update

    Not your usual patch

    Bethesda's reportedly fixed a bunch of issues with Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop add-on, but this isn't your usual PlayStation 4 download. Much like when the developer smoothed out Far Harbor's poor frame rate, you'll have to follow the steps that the studio has outlined in order to apply the update. Confirm Fallout 4 is...

  • Live Take a Tour of Fallout 4: Nuka World with Brand New Gameplay

    That sweet, refreshing taste

    Excited for Nuka World? If so, you might want to stop by for Bethesda's gameplay livestream, which is kicking off at 21:00PM BST / 16:00PM ET. The developer will no doubt be showcasing the main features of Fallout 4's final slice of downloadable content, which is due to launch on PlayStation 4 at the end of August...

  • News Fallout 4 Patch 1.09 Is Out Now on PS4

    Get more wood and steel from vendors

    What could potentially be one of Fallout 4's final updates, patch 1.09 is available to download now on PlayStation 4. The update weighs in at around 2.4GB, and, unsurprisingly, adds support for Nuka World, the game's upcoming expansion which is due to launch at the end of this month. According to the official...

  • News Gulp Down Some Fallout 4: Nuka World Gameplay Tomorrow

    Enjoy the ride

    Nuka World is Fallout 4's final expansion, so it's no surprise that fans are hoping for a worthwhile experience. The add-on, which seems to put the spotlight on several Raider gangs, is set to launch on the 30th August - but you won't have to wait until its release to catch some in-depth gameplay. Bethesda has announced that it'll...

  • Feature 10 Rad Things Fallout 4: Nuka World's Trailer Tells Us

    Raiders know how to party

    There's a lot riding on Nuka World, Fallout 4's final piece of downloadable content. Boasting a whole new area to explore, it's only the game's second expansion in the traditional sense of the word, with the add-on priced at around $20 if you don't own the title's season pass. Bethesda has crafted plenty of great...

  • News Fallout 4: Nuka World Gets a Release Date and a Cheery Theme Park Trailer

    Drink up

    Fallout 4's final slice of downloadable content, Nuka World, is launching on PlayStation 4 on the 30th August. Taking players to an old amusement park based on the pre-apocalypse soda, the expansion seems like it'll be on par with Far Harbor in terms of scope, adding a bunch of new quests and areas to explore. Fortunately, if you've been...

  • Rumour Fallout: New Orleans Logo Trademarked

    Could be a fake

    With mod support still yet to come to Fallout 4's PS4 edition, a new game in the series is probably on the bottom of many people's wishlists. Yet that could be what Bethesda is planning, as a logo for Fallout: New Orleans (discovered by NeoGAF user ekim) has been trademarked in Europe, leading many people to believe that this could...

  • News Bethesda Still Working with Sony to Get Fallout 4 Mods on PS4

    It clearly isn't going smoothly

    In case you hadn't noticed, mod support for Fallout 4 still hasn't arrived on Sony's system. Mods were originally intended to launch on PlayStation 4 back near the start of summer, but after hitting some sort of snag, the functionality was put on hold. However, after about a month of silence, Bethesda has revealed...


  • News Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop Is Finally Out on PS4 in Europe

    Time to get building

    Just a quick heads-up from us: Fallout 4's latest slice of downloadable content, Vault-Tec Workshop, is now available via the European PlayStation Store following a slight delay. The add-on, which lets you create your own underground vault through a series of new quests, was supposed to launch at midnight, but it never showed...

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