Need a Cabin Resort walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in Cabin Resort, which is part of the Lakeside Resort chapter.

There are 2x Artefacts, 1x Firefly Pendant, 1x Comic, 1x Training Manual, 1x Shiv Door to find in Cabin Resort, as Joel finally awakes to find Ellie missing.

The Last of Us 1: Cabin Resort Walkthrough

The Hunt may be over, but now you're the hunted. At the beginning of Cabin Resort, you're going to want to ride your horse hard and fast in an attempt to escape the ambush. If anyone grabs onto your horse, then kick them off by mashing the square button. Eventually you'll lose your horse and have to progress on foot, so head to the cabin in front of you. You can get in through the window.

There are bandits everywhere on the other side of the house, so you can choose to either take them out stealthily, using your bow-and-arrow — or just go loud. Such are the numbers of enemies here that it's probably best to go undetected, although some foes will drop a Pump Shotgun if you really want to bring the pain.

Firefly Pendant #1: Braun's Firefly Pendant

Once you've cleared out all the enemies, or at least thinned out the area, head into the gazebo on the right of the house you used to enter this area. On the bench is a Firefly Pendant named Braun's Firefly Pendant.

Whether you're playing stealthily or all guns blazing, you need to edge your way towards the stair case at the far end of where you entered the area. There are a lot of bandits in and around the toilet — it is cold, maybe they all really needed to take a leak — so be careful as you approach those. Make your way up to the Nature Track at Whitefish Lake — it's marked by a sign which says Cliffside Walk. Shimmy along the wooden walkway and then follow the trail.

The Last of Us 1: Cabin Resort Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Artefacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Shiv Doors
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You'll eventually come to a pipe, so crouch down and crawl through here to progress forward. You'll come to a clearing, with another pipe on the opposite side.

Comic #1: Negentropy

After you've crawled through the first pipe on the Cliffside Walk, first take the staircase directly to your left and find a Comic named Negentropy on the park bench.

Push on back towards the second pipe, opposite where you entered this area, but you'll find it's blocked. You need to come back out, pull the garbage truck back with triangle, and then make your way through to the other side.

You're now at the Cabin Resort, so drop down the ledge and make your way towards the building. There are quite a lot of bandits loitering around the building, so deal with them as you see fit. We'd recommend taking them down with your bow-and-arrow, as you can take them out in stealth this way, and not alert anyone to your presence. Once you're done, make your way to the building with the hole in its roof, and climb up the crates and in.

Enter the large, ground floor room of the enormous lodge — but be careful, as there are more bandits inside here. You're going to want to crouch down and take it slow. Work your way through the building, scavenging any supplies as you go, until you get to the big glass exit doors. Ellie will call them out once you get close, so don't worry if you're not sure you're at the right doorway. Budge the door open, and watch the cutscene.

You're back in control of Joel now, so head up the staircase and go into the garage to get outside. Walk down the road, where Ellie previously escaped from this neighbourhood on horseback.

Once you get about halfway, bandits will come out and attack you, so be sure to crouch down quickly and take cover. There's no stealth option here, so you're going to have to go guns blazing. Fortunately, you're back in control of Joel now so should have your full arsenal. Keep pushing forward, killing every bandit you see. Go through the house and jump out of the window, where you'll be ambushed. Tap the square button to fight back, and it'll trigger another cutscene.

You're back in control of Ellie, and the weather has turned. You're going to need to push forward into the blizzard. Fortunately, there's only really one direction you can go. Open the door to the pet shop, and pull the trolley out of the way. Then crawl beneath the wooden panels into the main part of the shop.

There are bandits outside and they're looking for you. Once they've dispersed, jump through the open window and into the electronics store next door. Toss a bottle at the bandit who comes inside and then run over and knife them. Pick up the Revolver and take out any other bandits who enter the store.

Make your way out of the electronics store, to the alley opposite, where there's a barrel with a fire inside. If you're not sure of the way, listen for the church bells and follow that. At the end of the alley is a metal staircase, so head up, taking out any bandits up here. Walk towards another barrel with fire inside and crawl underneath the gap in the fence.

Continue to move forward as far as you can go, and then when you hear bandits talking inside a building, go in. This is an arcade. You can sneak past the enemies if you want to, or kill them — it's up to you. Come out of the arcade and follow the barrels with fire in them to the end of the street.

Weave in and out of the traffic, and eventually you'll come to a building with a dumpster outside. If you climb on top of this, you can get in through the window, so climb and top and drop into the building. Pick up the Health Kit in the restaurant, and then make your way to the front door. Guess who's back? Back again!

You need to get the keys from David so you can get out of the burning restaurant. Unfortunately, you can't fight him head-on. Stay crawled and sneak between the bench chairs and tables. Observe his motions and get behind him to hit him with a knife attack. After your first strike he'll pull out a machete, which means instant death for you. Just remain quiet and precise, flanking him. Watch out for the broken plates on the floor, as stepping on these will alert David to your position. You can use bottles and bricks to attract his attention if you need to. Once you've got three strikes, a cutscene will play. You're back in control of Joel now, and you have a new Artefact in your backpack which contributes to your overall total.

Artefact #1: Lake Resort Map

The Last of Us 1: Cabin Resort Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Artefacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Shiv Doors
Image: Push Square

The Artefact named Lake Resort Map is already in Joel's backpack after you take control of him following Ellie's battle with David.

On the right, immediately after you take control of Joel, is a gas station. Head inside and out the back, where the car is being repaired. There are a ton of bandits outside so deal with them, then move forward toward where the bandits were coming from. Across the road, from the garage, is a motel.

Shiv Door #1

The Last of Us 1: Cabin Resort Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Artefacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Shiv Doors
Image: Push Square

Work through the motel, which is opposite the gas station, and make your way through the bedrooms. At the back is a bathroom. Jump through the window, and immediately on your left is a shed with a Shiv Door.

Training Manual #1: Smoke Shaping

Loot all the supplies in the Shiv Door room, including the Supplements. You can't miss, atop the wooden boxes, a Training Manual named Smoke Shaping.

Return to where you attacked the bandits early, just beyond the gas station. There's a truck trailer here with an open door, and you can use it to make your way forward to a different area. There are more bandits around here, so either sneak by them or take them out. Follow the burning barrels moving into an alleyway until Joel automatically goes through a doorway. He'll automatically pick up Ellie's Backpack as part of a cutscene.

Artefact #2: Meat Ledger

To the right of where Joel picked up Ellie's Backpack is another Artefact named Meat Ledger, so be sure to grab that before leaving the room.

Push through the coolroom and out of the butcher's shop, and note that you're across the street from the burning restaurant. Another cutscene will trigger. As Ellie, crawl forward to collect the machete, but you'll be stopped. Keep crawling. When the button prompt appears, hit it to attack David. Watch the cutscene and continue onwards to the Highway Exit.

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