Demon's Souls PS5 PlayStation

Last week we brought you the titanic news that the PS5 has been jailbroken, allowing modders to delve into previously unexplored depths digitally and uncover secrets of rare repute. Well, Lance Mcdonald is at it again, and this time he has unearthed a fun easter egg left in the Demon's Souls remake by developer BluePoint Games.

The Ring of the Chieftan began life as a sort of urban legend in the Souls community, an item that could supposedly be obtained if one could keep the NPC Yurt alive. No one could ever obtain it, although many convincing hoaxsters claimed they had managed the feat.

Apparently, someone at BluePoint was a fan of the theory, as McDonald uncovered references to the ring in the 2020 remake and even a render of the item buried deep in the files.

McDonald theorises that the ring is probably just cut content and not obtainable in-game, but it's a really cool discovery and a cute inclusion by the developers. Its only been a week since the PS5 was cracked wide open, and we are already discovering the answers to previously unknowable mysteries. Who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes?

What do you think of this discovery? Are you excited to see what modders uncover deep within the code of our favourite games? Reveal your hidden secrets in the comments section below.

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